Get GBGM On The List Of Penny Stocks To Watch Immediately

The list of penny stocks to watch for Monday have only one name on it: Global Gaming Network, Inc.  (Pinksheets: GBGM). GBGM, currently ready to open somewhere above Friday’s close of 0.31, is developing and distributing digital entertainment and sports information for online and mobile platforms. It owns and operates, (, the leading independent mobile sports information service in the U. S. and Canada, an established and branded business operating in the mobile phone advertising and marketing sector. AimHighProfits VIP Members knew about the upcoming penny stock alerts on GBGM at 0.20 on Friday.

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Why GBGM Stock Is Going To Be On Fire Monday:

• GBGM aims to supply sports scores and other information to a mobile market estimated at 230 Million people
• The Company’s business strategy is designed to place it in niches where its IP can be successfully utilized
• GBGM plans to create a new business and revenue stream offering messaging technology to other businesses
• The Company’s service is a first-mover with a well-established brand with a growing subscriber base

The Company hopes to be able to expand its operations in 2012 by offering a service which provides companies a low cost, highly efficient alternative method to the present costly “short code” method of sending text messages. In addition, it plans to operate a co-revenue sharing “white label” service provided by one of the leading online gaming operations.

Global Gaming Network, Inc. is incorporated in the State of Washington. According to an August 2011 report by comScore, for the 3-month average period ending in June, 234 million Americans used mobile devices and 78.5 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones. Furthermore, according to a recent Pew Research report, “84% of American adults own cell phones and three-quarters of them (73%) send and receive text messages.” And, “47% of American adults use their cell phones and tablet computers to get local news and information.

The report also says,”Two-thirds of cellphone users take advantage of mobile phone features such as texting, e-mailing, web browsing and “apps” (software applications that allow mobile device users to play games, access web content and access media or data). Only a third of Americans now say they use their cellphones just for phone calls, according to the survey.

One of the most popular categories of information mobile users like to receive is sports scores and updates. This is, of course, the exact business GBGM is in with its service. 42% of mobile phone and tablet users receive weather alerts, 37% local restaurants/business special while 24% receive sports scores and updates. The mobile phone users recipients of the 24 percentile tend to be adults 18-49, higher income, better educated with children.

SportsAlert is a free, advertiser supported text message information service providing real time sports scores and updates to subscriber’s mobile telephones. The Company uses proprietary technology developed by Chris Palenchar, the founder. Currently the service has in excess of 75,000 subscribers in the U. S. and Canada, and it adds approximately 1,000 new subscribers per week. The Company’s revenue comes from the sale of advertising. This is handled by relationship with, now on a month to month basis.

How the system works

• SportsAlert sends subscribers sports scores and other information via text messages to their mobile phones. This service is completely free because it is advertiser supported.
• SportsAlert also offers on-demand scores to its users. This means a subscriber can request – via text message – what team they want an update of and SportsAlert will reply back with the score. For example, a subscriber can text message “mlb marlins” and SportaAlert will send a text message back with the current score of the Yankees game.

In addition, the Company offers a free downloadable “app” for Windows computers which shows live sports scores for MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, College Basketball, and College Football.

The Company’s SMS (text messages) delivery system includes “short code” provided by the various telco carriers (Verizon, AT&T, etc.). It also includes modem utilization owned and operated by the Global Gaming Network, and SMTP (basically email delivery) converted into text messages.

GBGM 6 month Stock Chart up to Friday, June 8

GBGM Competitive Advantage

The sports information distribution business is highly competitive, with a majority of the business controlled by ESPN, Yahoo, CBS Sports and Fox Sports. The “major” providers offer users both free and pay services. GBGM distinguishes itself with its totally free service. In addition, SportsAlert trademarked and branded name, and outstanding service that has resulted in an expanding, loyal subscriber base.

Intellectual Property

GBGM‘s success in part is dependent upon its ability to protect and leverage the value of its original Internet technologies, software, content and its copyrights, trademarks, domain names and other proprietary rights it owns. The Company has received trademark registration status for the SPORTSALERT name, SPORTSALERT.COM website, and SPORTSALERT MOBILE SOFTWARE, the data collection/SMS distribution system created by its founder Chris Palenchar. In addition, it owns in excess of thirty domain names, primarily in English, but also in French, Spanish and German, anticipating expansion of its existing proprietary assets into countries in Europe and Latin America in 2012.

GBGM Management

• Steven J. Kern, President, Director, Treasurer and Secretary
• Chris Palenchar, Chief Technology Officer

Bottom Line: GBGM is going to be on of the hottest penny stocks trading on Monday and the course of the week. Get GBGM on your list of penny stocks to watch and expect a gap up. Friday, the ask on eTrade was around 0.55 at the close. There are only 1.2 million shares in the public float. Read that last sentence 4 times out loud and get GBGM on your radar.

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