DCGD Stock: One Of The Most Awesome Penny Stocks To Buy?

Fort Lauderdale: Home to the best weather, best beaches, best foodies, hottest night life, best waterfront living, and maybe one of the most Awesome Penny Stocks. Located just around the corner from Christopher’s on Oakland Park Blvd., in the neighborhood where there’s a “jew canoe” in almost every driveway, is the home of Discovery Gold Corp. (DCGD).

Volume is beginning to increase, and many of you may not know of DCGD stock since it recently changed over from Norman Cay Development Inc. (NCDL). How’s this for a refresher: Its the same company that dealt directly with Harry Lappa on his Ghana gold project prior to the NSRS crash.

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DCGD Stock Chart

Shares Authorized: 250,000,000
Shares Outstanding: 50,025,000

Last 5 Trading Sessions: Volume
Aug. 7 – 44,250
Aug. 8 – 20,000
Aug. 9 – 15,000
Aug. 10 – 30,500
Aug. 13 – 106,800

30 Day Percent Change: 133.33%
30 Day Moving Average: 0.2264
30 Day Average Volume: 12,879

Scanning through some research while trying to adjust to the time zone changes since I returned, what do my eyes see but Carrillo Huettel, LLP, stock tip #1 for an Awesome Penny Stocks play. Digging in a bit deeper and behold the agreement from January 25th when Norman Cay Development, Inc. was set to receive $1,250,000 from North Springs Resources Corp. (NSRS) for working interest in certain gold mining claims in the Edum Banso Region of Ghana. (see here) For those who weren’t alive in the beginning of the year, NSRS gained 2,357% from 0.07 on December 27th to 1.72 on February 8th.

To speculate why the Company would issue a press release last week to inform the public that their audited 10-K is now filed when they have had no activity other than the agreement with NSRS in January and the name change in July. There is enough speculation with the Harry Lappa tie to put DCGD on the list of penny stocks to watch without having to dig too deep to find some further connections that lead to small pumps in the past. When a $750/month type condo/apartment in Fort Lauderdale is the address for a Ghana Gold Mining company and Carrillo Huettel is somehow involved, its enough for me.

About DCGD Stock

Discovery Gold Corporation (F/K/A Norman Cay Development, Inc.), an exploration stage company, is focused on the Country of Ghana and, more specifically, the Edum Banso Concession, located in Mpohor Wasa East District of the Western Region of Ghana in West Africa. As an exploration, Discovery Gold is involved in the examination and investigation of land that they believe may contain valuable minerals, for the purpose of discovering the presence of these minerals, and their extent.

The Company plans to finance its consulting agreements based on the proceeds received from the Earn-In Agreement dated January 25, 2012, between the Company and North Springs Resources Corp. The Company sold 10% of the Edum Banso Option to North Springs Resources Corp. for $1.25 million of which $250,000 has been received and the remaining two payments of $500,000 each are due to the Company on July 31 and December 31, 2012.

Got a shovel? You can dig through the SEC filings for DCGD here.

Bottom Line: Get DCGD on your list of penny stocks to watch. Look out for Thursday as a possible retrace of the same Ghana property that helped push NSRS to the $1.72 level to be the beginning another Awesome Penny Stocks.

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