Did 50 Cent Win $5,000,000 On Super Bowl Bet?

Rap Mogul, Movie Star and one-time celebrity penny stock promoter 50Cent may have added another $5,000,000 to his net worth tonight since the New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI.

It’s become traditional for celebrity bettors to post proof of their prowess via Twitter.

One of Fiddy’s female fans, @MyBestAssets, threw out a challenge to the rapper, saying that if the Giants won the Super Bowl, she’d post a pic of her “boobs & face.”

But if the Giants lost, Fiddy would have to post a shot of his dick. Fiddy responded to the challenge with a simple “Ok.”

You know the Twitter folks are happy the Giants prevailed because the traffic trying to get a gander at Fiddy’s trouser snake would have resulted in Twitter whipping out its fail whale for days afterward.

Bragging rights and outdoing one another in cash flow is par for the course when it comes to the rap game, so it’s no surprise that the biggest sporting event of the year is bringing out a high stakes rivalry between 50 Cent and Birdman.

It all started after 50 went on a Twitter gloat rant after his hometown New York Giants defeated the San Fancisco 49ers to move on to the Super Bowl where they’ll face the New England Patriots.

Before the NFL season even started, 50 put a bit of money down on the Giants to make it to the big game by season’s end. Obviously, he won the bet, and the great early odds meant a payout of $500,000.

Pats supporter Birdman was not to be outdone in the social media meets sports gambling world, tweeting, “I like New England.my nephew play RB# 42.I’m bet 5million 2 any n***a [who] like tha Giants.”

Despite how flashy Birdman is, $5 mil seems like an awfully steep Super Bowl bet. 50 Cent was hesitant to go that high, but he did respond to Birdman’s general challenge, offering up a $1 million bet.

50 was already up a half mil from his pre-season bet, and Birdman won a million dollars on last year’s Super Bowl after putting seven figures on the Packers.

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