DNAD | DNA Dynamics Drops Half It’s Net Worthlessness

pinksheet stocks to watch, DNAD Stock, DNAD Stock Quote, DNA Dynamics Inc., When you think of being kicked in the knads, one penny stock which comes to mind is that of DNA Dynamics, Inc. (PINK: DNAD). While some are stating that DNA is a studio poised for growth, DNAD stock has shown little to prove that in it’s short lived trading life so far as it’s dropped by more than -50% since Thursday. If you have protective gear and a lust for productive organs in the form of shares, this might be a bounce candidate worth watching on hump day.

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pinksheet stocks to watch, DNAD, DNAD Stock, DNAD Stock Quote, DNAD.PK, PINK DNAD, DNAD scam, David Lovatt, Ed Blincoe, DNA Dynamics Inc., DNAD Stock Quote

Market Cap: 72.01M
Tuesday Close: 0.005 ▼ -0.003 (-37.50%)
Volume: 4,321,182
Dollar Volume: $23,971
Open: 0.009
High: 0.009
Low: 0.004
Trades: 54
Authorized: 9,000,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 8,644,095,969
14-Day Rel Strength: 36.66%
14-Day Stochastic: 21.47%

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Without knowing much about the history behind the insiders, one might look at the share structure behind DNA Dynamics and think that, with revenues of $40,601 for thew three months ended March 31, 2013, DNAD stock looks like a bargain.

DNA Dynamics’ Secretary and COO, David Lovatt, has been busy this year preparing to dump DNAD shares onto bagholders. On the 31st of January, DNAD stock was reverse split by a ratio of 500-for-1 prior to issuing 8 Billion shares on the 4th of February to the directors of DNA Dynamics, Lovatt and Ed Blincoe, President and CEO of DNA Dynamics, in lieu of deferred salary that had been accrued since January, 2010. Prior to the 8 Billion shares issued, there was only 1,596,008 shares outstanding.

The news on Tuesday of a new strategic partnership with Birthplace Management Group, a new model video game management agency that offers independent studios a more marketing-driven and commercially-minded approach to their business development, would have been something that should have sparked a rally of sorts for the sub-penny. Instead, the chance to unload on the biggest volume trading session DNAD stock has had since mid-May offers a chance for a superb bounce play.

However, Lovatt, in addition to DNAD, has been involved with Cloud Technologies, Inc. (CLDZ), Ijj Corp. (IJJP), Cloud Centric, Inc. (CLDR) and Enablets, Inc. (ENTS). All but Enablets were clients of the notorious stock diluting IR firm of Big Apple Consulting, which is being sued by the SEC. This alone makes playing DNAD stock for a bounce like playing with fire while a midget prepares to kick you in the knads.

About DNAD Stock

DNA Dynamics, Inc., through its subsidiaries, is a worldwide developer and publisher of graphically rich, interactive entertainment currently delivered on iOS®, Android™, Apple Mac® and PC.

Click here to view the financial filings for DNAD on OTCMarkets.
Click here to view the website for DNA Dynamics.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
05/28/13 0.0050 -0.0030 -37.50% 4,321,100
05/24/13 0.0080 -0.0010 -11.11% 651,800
05/23/13 0.0090 +0.0020 +28.57% 79,700
05/22/13 0.0070 -0.0019 -21.35% 12,200
05/21/13 0.0089 +0.0016 +21.92% 145,100


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Bottom Line:

DNAD is definitely worth a serious look pre-market since the sub penny stock is going to see some action greater than Tuesday’s. If DNAD stock is on your list already, rember that sometimes everything can seem to be in line for a perfect situation and still go against you.

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