TTIN | What Penny Stock Bleeds For Five Days Without Dying?

TTIN stock, PINK TTIN, TTIN.PK, OTC TTIN, pinksheet stocks to watch, Indirectly sponsored by your favorite feminine care product, the bleeding penny stock of Transfer Technology International Corp. (PINK: TTIN) could finally be off of its cycle. Fresh off a two consecutive trading sessions whee the bleeding subsided to less than -5% losses, TTIN stock is looking to come back strong on the eve of the eve of the eve of the eventual cicada apocalypse. Having relaunched its pest control management business model last week, the termites that have been eating away at the share price could see a reversal with the billions of cicadas about to resurface for their 17 year breeding ritual.

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Market Cap: 16.54M
Last: 0.0190  -0.0009 (-4.52%)
Volume: 918,800
Dollar Volume: $16,616
Open: 0.02
High: 0.02
Low: 0.015
Trades: 38
Authorized: 950,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 887,084,477
1st Resistance Point: 0.021
1st Support Level: 0.016

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Transfer Technology International found it appropriate last week to announce that its X-Terminate Pest Management Inc. will focus on Termite Control, General Pest Control and Lawn and Ornamental services. While no one could really give two craps who hasn’t hired the newly created entity as to whether the wannabe Orkin man shows up and does his job, what does matter today is whether TTIN stock stops diluting and traders can turn $300 into $500.

A week ago, Chief got the call to kick off TTIN awareness and, as soon as the bell rung, got defecated on seeing losses of -44.76% for the day. Day one of the TTIN stock pump saw its shares open at 0.053, reach a high of 0.056 and then quickly release the Kracken, hitting as low as 0.025 before closing at 0.029. Last week Wednesday fared slightly better as the shares only dropped from their 0.03 to as low as 0.0195 before closing at 0.0229.

Transfer Technology’s Enviro-serv states that “Research has proven that approximately 75% of property services companies employ less than less than 5 full time employees.” Does that also correlate to 75% of POS pinksheeters like TTIN only having 5 red flow trading session before becoming profitable for traders?

With VIP, Monster and Wall Street Report all taking the reigns today to bring TTIN to their subs, does one need to be as MAD as Alfred E. Neuman to think that Alexander K. Neumann can bring in the goods and a bounce can actually happen? There isn’t much competition out there which would seem to indicate the bleeding might have actually stopped.

About TTIN Stock

Transfer Technology International Corp. is focused on building a portfolio of property maintenance services companies that are geographically concentrated in warm climate states.

Click here to view the financial filings for TTIN on OTCMarkets.
Click here to view the website for Enviro-serv.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
04/15/13 0.0190 -0.0009 -4.52% 918,800
04/12/13 0.0199 -0.0010 -4.78% 334,200
04/11/13 0.0209 -0.0020 -8.73% 1,107,800
04/10/13 0.0229 -0.0061 -21.03% 4,144,100
04/09/13 0.0290 -0.0235 -44.76% 4,287,100


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Bottom Line:

Dad once said that you can’t trust something that bleeds for a week and doesn’t die. Since TTIN only bled for 5 days, penny stock traders stand a slight chance to see the pinksheeter come back to life. While the resurrection may only last a few minutes or so, having TTIN stock on your watch list and looking for a quick pancake timed flip of it may not be the worst move made this week.

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