ERBB | Altitude The Key For Tranzbyte To Return To A Penny

ERBB Stock, PINK ERBB, ERBB.PK, Tranzbyte Corp., Tranzbyte Corporation,Prepare to get lit up this Hump day as the penny stock of Tranzbyte Corporation (PINK: ERBB) is the focus of a ton of attention tomorrow. Blasting past the penny level earlier this year off of marijuana made momentum, ERBB stock looks to take advantage of all the “red” the OTC market provided Tuesday for a chance at some green. Based on the consistent increase in volume over the last 10 trading sessions, those already “in it to win it” are best set to profit off what could be an opening bell “gap and trap” until the 10:30 MM adjustment which lets this fat pig run for the rest of the day.

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Market Cap: 4.63M
Last: 0.0062  -0.0006 (-8.82%)
Volume: 62,607,394
Dollar Volume: $386,343
Open: 0.0063
High: 0.0068
Low: 0.0055
Trades: 389
Authorized: 1,995,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 1,885,868,494
14-Day Rel Strength: 51.04%
14-Day Stochastic: 69.70%

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Tranzbyte has a number of companies, divisions & affiliates under its umbrella, but the one that is forcing traders to take notice of ERBB stock is Altitude Organic Medicine Corp. Founded in Denver, CO in 2009, the focus of Altitude is to offer the highest quality, affordable wellness services in the Medical Marijuana Industry.

News was released just after the closing bell indicating that Altitude’s automated vending network, The Altitude Organix Network, has gotten one step closer to becoming a paper-reality with the appointment of Sean Loomer to oversee the project. In the early 90’s, Loomer made a name for himself when he founded the first privately held prepaid phone card company in Arizona in 1993, creating thousands of outlets with wholesale and retail distributors.

Knack for retail or rolling tight fatties, Loomer’s presence may have little effect to how ERBB stock performs. There are an equivalent of roughly 6 shares available for trade for every U.S. citizen thus creating a difficult task of seeing a daily-double for those getting into Tranzbyte stock for the first time. Log time traders of the pinksheet listed stock know better and tomorrow’s momentum play offers little more than a chance to see some paper gains or sell of some cheapies to ride the wave for as long it can roll.

About ERBB Stock

Tranzbyte Corporation is focused on attracting established and early growth businesses that are seeking to take advantage of resources not generally available to private companies through the public capital markets and providing them with mission-critical capital, legal, accounting, and public relations resources.

Click here to view the financial filings for ERBB on OTC Markets.
Click here to view the website for Tranzbyte.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
04/09/13 0.0062 -0.0006 -8.82% 62,607,297
04/08/13 0.0068 +0.0017 +33.33% 58,103,000
04/05/13 0.0051 +0.0008 +18.60% 40,499,301
04/04/13 0.0043 -0.0002 -4.44% 41,203,398
04/03/13 0.0045 -0.0001 -2.17% 46,229,898


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Bottom Line:

Any penny stock dealin in the medical marijuana industry can have a “hot run” and ERBB is set to have that one tomorrow. With nearly 2 Billion shares outstanding, it is going to take a ton of attention (like what’s set for Wednesday) to make ERBB stock smell a penny before closing the session at just under it to remain a sub penny. Still, you’d have to be stoned at the opening bell to not be watching it pre-market.

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