DOLV Stock: Death Of A “Psycho” Salesman Due To Joe?

Penny Stock AlertsLast week we covered how psycho’s penny stock alerts have been making money for people who could sell before 9:33am, 3 minutes after the open. Once again, the same events take place with today’s penny stock pick by the “Darth Trader”: Dolat Ventures Inc. (DOLV). For about 45 seconds after the opening bell, DOLV stock gapped to 0.10, rising to as high as 0.25, before pulling back to as low as 0.06 before 11am, 0.02 below yesterday’s closing price. So, is this the death of a salesman and is it all due to Joe Penny Stocks who sent out his alert at 9:22am?

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DOLV Stock Chart

Shares Outstanding: 98,660,000
Previous Close: 0.08
Open: 0.10
High: 0.25
Low: 0.06
Dollar Volume: $239,887
Volume: 1,946,257
Trades: 315

At 9:22am, NKOTB JoePennyStocks issued an alert on DOLV with the first two lines as: The opening bell is about 10 minutes away and I couldn’t be more excited.  DOLV looks like it could be a beast!

Yet, even with the #2Flusher performance again, just like GOBK, SMDM, TRON, NANI, LDSI and LTTC, the once “King” of penny stock alerts flashed his hand to everyone to see the 7 aces he has in his hand out of the deck of 52 cards to state:  DOLV ripped out of the gates fast, opening at .10 and running to .25 for a gain of 150% within minutes! It’s still VERY early of course, but at .25 DOLV was the #1 gainer in the OTC market that traded significant volume.

So, did Joe urinate on, what could have been redemption for the psycho or did you just expose the fact that the Darth Trader has lost his “force” and that penny stock alerts subscribers are witnessing Death of a Salesman at the cost of trading the wrong shares.

About DOLV Stock

Dolat Ventures Inc, currently focused on the early stages of acquiring diamonds, gems and precious stones from a variety of locations throughout the African continent through their subsidiaries Dove Diamonds and Mining and Millennium Mining.

As far as tracking the total number of shares issued since 2006 for 0.001, 0.01, 0.02, and so on, go to page 16 here and start calculating how many shares could have been dumped on the one hundred thousand dollars cash via bank wire promotion today.

Bottom Line: We know penny stocks and we know that alerts, compensated or not, never perform as poor as DOLV did unless traders have lost faith in the issuer. Baseball players go through slumps all the time, but they get 500 at bats or 200 Innings Pitched in a season. Traders just cant afford to lose money with the psycho anymore and its starting to show on the boards.

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