Tale Of Two Penny Stocks: Globalink (GOBK) BizRocket (BZRT)

If you were one of the traders who got into the penny stock of Globalink Ltd. (GOBK) before 9:35am, you made a ton, if it was after, you made none. GOBK stock was clearly the big winner today opening at 0.03 and rising to as high as 0.39, a 1,200% gain. Yet only 2 trades went through to drive it to the HOD before it churned within a range of 0.27 to the closing price, 0.175.

The real money maker today was the pink sheet stock we brought to your attention yesterday: BizRocket.com Inc. (BZRT). For some readers that got in yesterday below 0.02, they walked away with their 2nd 100% plus winner this week from us with BZRT offering 276% gains.

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded

Symbol Price Pct Chg $ Volume Volume Trades
EWRL 0.63 -25.15% 2,496,916 3,281,284 1,253
GWBU 0.191 -6.70% 1,118,727 6,932,393 1,247
IDNGD 0.1525 +10.91% 836,680 6,664,001 825
BZRT 0.04 +110.53% 455,939 16,820,200 817
IMSC 1.40 -18.60% 1,908,716 1,195,719 629
GOBK 0.175 +775.00% 316,935 1,483,503 447
BBDA 0.0018 +5.88% 270,746 160,811,786 438
CNEP 1.10 +28.74% 935,349 834,479 371
AAMRQ 0.549 -3.51% 1,227,165 2,178,486 342
DIMI 1.6407 +8.86% 826,090 492,882 288

A tale of two stock charts: GOBK / BZRT

Given you had the information about BZRT stock yesterday or you received GOBK and had 30 seconds to react, where would you trust your money trading?

Other than that, those who like trading $1 and above priced pump and dumps should take note of DiMi Telematics Inc. (DIMI). The PPS is following the exact same pattern Independecne Energy Corp. (IDNG) did all the way above $4.00 before the stock split which locked investors into a dump of epic proportions.

On that note, good job everyone who waited until the last hour of trading to dump their shares in  Green Energy Renewable Solutions Inc. (EWRL). Learning from the mistakes of IDNGD, who wants a free share when you cant sell it for 20 trading days when its under a nickel. For those who bought EWRL stock thinking they got a good deal, you will be sorry you didn’t come across our warnings before Friday.

Also, After taking advantage of our midweek alert on BeBevCo, Bebida Beverage Company (BBDA), traders made as much as 129% selling on the news after buying on the rumor. Many have jumped back in on the bounce (smart move) after the relaxation drink maker announced a deal with 84 WalMarts.

Bottom Line: We Know Penny Stocks.

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  • Move Fast or Get Left Behind.
  • Do not Use Market Orders to Enter a Position, Use Limit Orders.
  • Have a System That fits You.
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