Suspicious Activity: DiMi Telematics International, Inc. (DIMI)

The penny stock of DiMi Telematics International Inc. (OTCQB: DIMI) is showing some suspicious volume trading early on during Thursday’s session. DIMI stock price hasn’t gained too much, only 4.95%, but the volume has already reached 552,500. Its suspicious because the 3 month average is just 1,123 for DIMI stock which, until March 15, 2012, was known as First Quantum Ventures, Inc. (OTCQB: FQVE). (see here)

DIMI Stock is just another pump and dump scam by Barry Tenzer and Roberto Fata.

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On October 28, 2011 First Quantum Ventures issued 87.45 Million shares of FQVE stock in exchange for all of the outstanding shares and warrants to purchase the common shares of DiMi Telematics, Inc. FQVE received 145.75 Million shares of common stock and warrants to purchase 21.625 Million shares of common stock.  As a result, DiMi Telematics will become a subsidiary of First Quantum Ventures, Inc and enter the Telematics/M2M industry.

DIMI designs, develops and distributes Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications solutions used to remotely track, monitor, manage and protect multiple mobile and fixed assets in real-time from virtually any web-enabled desktop computer or mobile device. Through their proprietary software and hosted service offerings, DIMI is endeavoring to capitalize on the pervasiveness and data transport capabilities of wireless networks in order to facilitate communications and process efficiencies between commercial and industrial business owners/managers and their respective networked control systems, sensors and devices.

DIMI Corporate Structure:

Barry Tenzer: President, CEO, CFO, Secretary and Director
Roberto Fata: Executive V. P. – Business Development and Director

These two are responsible for a list of prior pump and dumps:

• Hauser, Motorcars Auto Group Inc. [formerly Associated Automotive Group]
• Global Roaming Distribution/Inc [formerly Commoncache Inc]
• Life Exchange Inc
• Medefile International/Inc [formerly Omnimed International]
• Vantage Group Ltd
• Vantage Holding Ltd
• Walker Financial Corp [formerly Walker International Industries Inc]
• Del Rey Beach Properties, LLC (see here)

To view the website of DIMI, visit: On the website you can read a 2010 article that is supposedly from the New York Times titled: A Landlord Learns From His Son

Bottom Line: Lots of big words to say: DIMI stock is one of the new penny stock pump and dumps. DiMi Telematics is an SEC filer which is good news. The bad news is this is a price that you don’t want to be buying DIMI stock at. As of February 29, 2012, there was 101,879,232 shares outstanding.

MoneyRunners issued an alert titled “most important money runners email ever”  at 10:30am (see here) when DIMI was trading at $1.06 on volume of  498,546. MoneyRunners issued a 2nd alert at 1:01pm (see here) when DIMI stock price was 0.671 on volume of 3,557,473. If you want to lose $60,000 like some people did on the MoneyRunners DIMI stock alert, go to their site and sign up. They will be back, according to their 2nd alert, in a month “stronger than ever”.

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