DIMI Stock Has Finally Found A Home Under A Nickel

Shares of the next $4 stock, DiMi Telematics International Inc. (DIMI), finally found themselves a decent level for traders gaining 335% in the last 5 days. Once thought to be by many who received the hard mailers as the next stock that could go from $1 to $4, DIMI stock price crashed hard, down -97.45% from its July 5th 1.96 high. Now, with investors trying to average down, traders are flipping the penny stock like burgers during a lunch rush and banking coin on it.

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DIMI Stock Chart

Last: 0.054, up 0.008 (17.39%)
Open: 0.0485
High: 0.0575
Volume: 3,745,032

5 Day Moving Average: 0.0315
5 Day Average Volume: 8,482,729

Funnily enough, the Company filed their 10-Q two weeks ago for the three months ended May 31, 2012 with a reported $888,139 in cash compared to $117,382 as of August 31, 2011. With $0 sales and $0 debt, it isn’t hard to figure out where the money came from. Thanks to Bob Flaherty’s Special Situation Stock Pick with dimireport.com, which has since been taken offline, DIMI is the new love affair of daytraders and for all the right reasons.

About DIMI Stock

Located, according to the SEC filings, at 290 Lenox Avenue, New York, NY  10027, otherwise known as the heart of Harlem on Malcolm X Blvd. near the famous Lenox Lounge, DiMi Telematics International Inc. is an environmentally-conscious, cloud-based, M2M communications solutions provider. The Company’s flagship M2M solution is “DiMi,” a proprietary, patent-pending, business intelligence and two-way communications platform that captures and seamlessly integrates real-time data from networked tracking, monitoring, alarm and alert systems, sensors and devices; and, in turn, centralizes this data onto an online command and control dashboard that is accessible 24/7 by a designated user or community of designated users through the secure DiMi Internet portal, found at www.dimispeaks.com.

Bottom Line: The #2Flusher penny stock of DiMi Telematics International has finally found a base to trade at and is making good gains for the small money traders. DIMI should be on the radar for dips to swing trade as it looks like its gonna be around for at least another week.

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