VNDB Stock Attempting To Victimize Novice Dumb Buyers

Playing the press release bingo game, traders of Vendum Batteries (VNDB) thought a large spam campaign could help turn your $300 into $7,000. The penny stock of the battery technology development company had not even seen trading until the spam emails went out in tandem with message board spamming last week. VNDB stock got dumped like a constipated elephant on Thursday when they creatively tried victimize novice, dumb buyers with their ties to Hallmark and an imaginary Letter of Intent.

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VNDB Stock Chart

Close: 0.026, down -0.027 (-50.94%)
Volume: 6,496,701
Dollar Volume: $204,726
Open: 0.05
High: 0.059
Trades: 229
Average Trade Size: 28,369

a/o Mar 31, 2012
Shares Outstanding: 523,934,496

Starting on Tuesday, Vendum Batteries issued press releases for three consecutive days with the most recent mentioning their focus to break in to the greeting card industry which is said to exceed $30.4 billion in 2015. Stating that “A Letter of Intent with Hallmark for delivery of paper battery greeting cards could significantly ramp up the revenue for Vendum by 2016”  forced common sense to kick in.

First of all, the company has $0 revenues since its November 16, 2009 inception. Secondly, people spend $30.4 billion dollars on greeting cards? Hallmark booked $4 billion in revenues in 2009? Talk about crapping rainbows. What ever happened to a box of Crayolas or the influence Martha Stewart had on the nation with her ability to make a greeting card out of pumpkin skin, an old hat and some rusty gardening tools?

Spam messages were sent out starting last week Friday claiming:

Hi, would you want in getting reasonably rich in just one day? Make $5,000
with this company, one needs $300 only.

VN_D B had it’s value estimated on two years ago at $15 mln, with revenue
potential $400,000,000 by 2018!

VN_D B owns a Controlling Technology for Aero-Space and Auto Industries, a
must for those who needs it, so the billions will be used on buying VN_D B out.

Who of the major players will purchase VN_D B? Who Cares! We’re buying VN_D
B now under $0.10 before it’s instantly driven above $1 like it did in 2010!

HURRY! Invest minimum of $300 of VN_D B shares as soon as the markets are
open, this Monday at the low .06, give a call to your broker or better yet
place your order online with Ameritrade or similar.

If you were dumb enough to fall for this alert without verifying anything, there is a guy selling ocean front condominiums in Kansas that you can contact.

About VNDB Stock

Vendum Batteries Inc. is an environmentally friendly mobile battery company with the sole focus on identifying, evaluating, acquiring, developing and partnering for the commercialization of proprietary eco-friendly power sources.

We would put the link to the SEC filings for VNDB here, but why waste our time.

Bottom Line: We know penny stocks, and VNDB belongs in one place, right next to that obnoxious blinking holiday card you got last year – in the trash.

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