Top Penny Stocks Traded: GWBU, LTTC, TLON, DIMI, RXII

The Second Monday of the week finished pretty good for those who didn’t get the firework show they expected last night and came in to Thursday’s trading session ready to swing. Great Wall Builders (GWBU) traded between .2560 and .30 spreading for a 17% swing while Lattice (LTTC) had a 300% spread from .12 to .48 and went right back down to .15 to finish the session. Dimi Telematics (DIMI) stock survived the ego of Timothy Sykes and his mug shot posting over the weekend to rise as high as $1.96 during the trading session.

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LTTC Stock Chart

After 9:40 you could have packed your bags on LTTC rather than wasting the day trading like a flat tire on a 1973 Ford Torino on its way to Disney World with no air conditioning.

Note that two of our penny stock alerts from last week, OncoSec Medical (ONCS) and BeBedia Beverage Co. (BBDA) have had three bullish trading sessions this week. ONCS stock, as we said, was a penny stock that we had high expectations for as the end of July draws closer. Now as BBDA was a “cookie cutter” buy on rumor, sell on news play that worked brilliantly, many investors double-fisted BBDA stock by getting back into it on the news sell.

Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded

Symbol Price Pct Chg $ Volume Volume Trades
GWBU 0.2786 +18.37% 2,108,130 7,649,644 1,059
LTTC 0.15 +66.67% 988,675 4,527,955 954
TLON 1.26 -6.67% 3,101,795 2,520,370 799
DIMI 1.8704 +9.09% 2,412,159 1,282,674 780
RXII 0.239 +13.07% 636,026 2,745,744 514
ONCS 0.23 -2.54% 1,056,375 4,335,930 434
VIBE 0.01 +2.04% 244,986 24,538,100 394
BBDA 0.0027 +22.73% 292,203 108,638,571 373
EGOH 0.0011 -62.07% 213,128 166,100,419 342
EKDKQ 0.25 +2.04% 813,167 3,364,508 324

Talon Therapeutics (TLON) gave some back to as there is still a glimmer of hope that they could get FDA approval for Marqibo even though many have already tried and failed. Vidable (VIBE) is just pitiful to see on the list still after yahoo email accounts sent out spam alerts on the POS over the weekend.

A couple of new faces that the top of the class hasn’t been introduced to are RXi Pharmaceuticals Corporation (RXII), and Eagle Oil Holding Company, Inc. (EGOH) which had its ego shattered for having such a “posh” name giving away nearly two-thirds of its value today. If your a Company, why do you need to announce your also an Inc. RXII has been on a steady rise since announcing their first ever clinical study with an RNAi compound, RXI-109, gaining 206% since June 27th.

Bottom Line: The top penny stocks didn’t exactly light the boards up like a good firework display although Lattice’s LTTC stock was almost exactly like the San Diego firework show. It is twice now that alerts from the same source, GOBK and LTTC, have traded like Al Bundy’s marriage being able to last a minute or two at best before peaking.

Keep ONCS and BBDA on the list of penny stocks to watch and keep a close eye on RXII as well.

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