Stock Trading to Win: Million Dollar Volume Penny Stocks

Liquidity is the biggest issue when penny stock alerts get sent on picks of the day. Intra-day emails come out saying “XYZ is up 80% in the first 30 minutes” when in reality, only $10,000 of the penny stock have traded. The Point: To make money in penny stocks with a stock alert or picks is liquidity and the best place to find liquidity is in the shares which trade million dollar volumes.

Shares of Oryon Technoogies Inc. (OTC: ORYN), our most recent penny stock picks sent via our subscriber alerts (see here), are up 15% since, at $1.12. American Liberty Petroleum Corp. (OTC: OREO) stock price has risen 23 cents, up 28.75%, since our alert to look watch for a bounce on it. Without liquidity, why even trade it when you can only put a hundred or two into it.

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Here’s a list of penny stocks to watch and add to your list for proper trading setups and a real chance to make some money on:

The Million Dollar Volume OTC Penny Stocks

Symbol Price Pct Chg $ Volume Volume Trades
SNPK 0.19 -2.56% 16,087,724 70,095,656 5,185
RARS 0.3561 -37.52% 12,126,753 28,884,164 3,623
LUXR 2.08 +13.04% 4,617,206 2,306,141 1,162
GWBU 0.79 +17.91% 4,432,062 5,884,939 662
SEFE 0.895 +4.07% 3,521,567 4,157,909 978
DOMK 2.90 +5.45% 2,902,710 985,600 910
FNMA 0.307 +2.33% 2,656,926 8,504,430 863
CMXI 1.90 +11.76% 2,205,177 1,197,258 467
LQMT 0.317 +5.67% 2,055,589 7,160,777 724
ORYN 1.12 +1.82% 1,544,888 1,418,037 524
AAMRQ 0.49 -3.54% 1,522,704 3,075,494 392
IZEA 0.505 +129.55% 1,392,801 4,840,309 268
VPIG 1.83 +15.09% 1,148,207 649,504 243
SRCH 1.03 -22.56% 1,134,863 1,011,638 304
IDNG 2.43 +3.40% 1,023,868 427,645 188
OREO 1.03 -0.96% 1,015,871 971,050 326
IMUC 2.52 +4.13% 1,013,623 389,088 254

Since these penny stocks trade millions of dollars a day, one bad day doesn’t always mean that the stock is in “dump” mode and its time to get out. It may actually, depending on the trend and the stock, be a chance to buy in. It’s an emotional roller coaster that is worth te price of the ticket when you come out a winner.

You have to be able to control yourself. You can’t let emotions get in the way of your thoughts and actions… Warren Buffett

The hardest part of stock trading is emotional management. For years, we’ve roughed the bad times in the  stock market and economies that have been news-driven, volatile, and filled with fraud and uncertainty. For a lot of us, to have someone say “don’t get emotional” is pointless because everyone has emotions when it comes to their money.

How can you keep your emotions “in-check” while stock trading?

One aspect that stands above the rest when it comes to the psychology of stock trading, especially with penny stocks, is to stop living in the past. It’s one of the most significant obstacles to penny stock trading success because the brain remembers. The brain tattoo’s loss or profit into your temporal lobe, and reproduces “fear” or “greed” from it. The bigger the loss or the profit, the bigger the neuronal tattoo becomes. Losses are tattooed as fear and profits are tattooed as greed; neither are beneficial to future success with stock trading.

The best day traders forget about a loss the moment they take it. They move on. They are confident in their stock trading system and their ability to succeed with it. It’s never about the money for these people, it’s about finding a stock trading system that will continue to bring more gains than losses.

The best penny stock traders know better than any hedge fund manager how to take losses and not become depressed, angry, jealous, disgusted or defeated. They also know how to take the profits they earned without posting some @TimothySykes tweet or verification gloating, boasting, or becoming euphoric about them. They focus strictly on the trade they are about to make and not the trade that they just made or the one that might be coming in the future.

All past trades are out of sight and out of mind. All future trades are an illusion.

The culprit to why people are less successful than others trading stocks is memory. It is the memory of losses or profits that stay with the unsuccessful trader, causing unstoppable mental sabotage and inability to move forward to the pint that they virtual trade in their sleep. This is a really hard thing to overcome, but it has to be done in order to move forward.

If you are always have feelings for your ex, you can never fall in love with your next.

Fear, for lack of a better word, is learned. When trading stocks, if you have a trade that goes south, the regret and frustration can carry over into the next trade. Most of the time, the fear is so overwhelming, that you don’t even enter your next trade. Murphy’s Law dictates that the trade you don’t enter is the one you should have entered, which only multiplies the effect of the existing emotional anguish.

Greed is on the other shoulder creating the opposite problem. After a few consecutive winning trades, you feel unstoppable as the ego enlarges and invincible feelings overcome logic. Ultimately, this path will lead you down the alley of entering into trades you normally would never consider. Finding good penny stocks to trade is hard enough.

Bottom Line: Penny Stocks with Million Dollar Volumes is where the action is. Emotions will only cause ‘perceptual distortion‘ where we see only the part of the picture that our “fear” and “greed” allows us to see. Focus on your target, Aim High, hit your target, then walk away quietly with your Profits.

The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness…Abraham Maslow


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