Don’t Get VOELD Into Grabbing Well Power (WPWR)

WPWR Stock, Well Power Inc., Cane and Clark LLP“Clean Power” will be the focal point if the penny stock of Well Power, Inc. (WPWR), still be trading as VOELD, is going to be a promoted ticker this year. Originally designed to manufacture a fully automated frying wok to be used as an automatic fried rice cooker, Well Power took over the shell corp of Vortec Electronics, Inc. which now allows for sole-director Cristian Neagoe to display all that he learned about clean technology production while at the University of Bucharest in Romania. Now, with rights from ME Resource Corp. to an invention which relates to a method and an apparatus for producing chemicals and/or heat/energy and/or water from a methane-containing gas, WPWR stock is officially on watch to hopefully not pull a VLNX on traders.

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WPWR Stock Quote

Market Cap: 54.83M
Last: 0.51 ▲ +0.36 (+240.00%)
Volume: 78,600
Dollar Volume: $14,576
Open: 0.15
High: 0.51
Low: 0.15
Trades: 19
Authorized: 4,500,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 107,500,000

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If you’re searching for WPWR, you won’t find it because it is sill trading as VOELD after effectuating a 50-for-1 split back on January 6th. On the same day, with legal representation provided by Cane and Clark LLP (yeah, you know what that means), the newly created Well Power Inc. signed a non-binding Letter of Intent with Cristian Neagoe to acquire a license to a technology which reduces CO2 emissions and creates revenue streams with minimal capital expenditure – an economical, mobile and scalable Micro-Refinery Unit (“MRU”) to process raw natural gas into Green Fuel™ and clean power.

A $400,000 non-refundable license payment is all that it cost for the exclusive distribution rights which will allow for the concept that it will be used to engineer and develop a Territory specific, full-scale pilot project. The target market will be oil and gas producers, oil and gas operators, oil and gas service providers.

This deal done with ME Resource Corp. should allow for Neagoe to shine since he has a degree in physics from the University of Bucharest in Romania, a PH.D in Theoretical Chemistry form the Romanian Academy of Science, and, just over a year ago, earned a Chemical Engineering degree from the Ecole Polytechnique Montreal.

Summary so far: Romania and French Speaking Canada educated Neagoe, with the help of some attorneys well linked to some shady penny stocks, took over a Malaysian based company that was supposed to create an automated fried rice cooker for commercial use.

So, beyond the non-refundable $400,000 license payment ($100,000 due in 30 days, $300,000 due in 90 days) – which Well Power doesn’t have available, each one of these MRU’s are due to cost $800,000 per.For just under $1,000,000 a unit, they’ll get a container sized unit with the capability to process 100 mcf/day of natural gas into engineered fuels (up to 10 bbls/day), clean power (min 35kW/max 70 kW) and fracking quality water (up to 80bbls/day).

Pretty good deal for those Filipinos.

Oh, you didn’t know about all the Filipinos involved too? Yeah, when they were setting up the shell corp that eventually became Well Power Inc., a couple dozen or so Filipinos owned between 25,000 and 50,000 pre-split shares of WPWR stock – the 975,000 pre-split (48,750,000 post-split).

So, Cane and Clark LLP, a Romanian born sole director, a 50-for-1 stock split, 48,750,000 parked in the name of a couple dozen Filipinos based around Manila, Philippines, and the first day of prints now having pushed the share price of WPWR stock to half a buck, how this one takes off from this level will be a miracle!

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About WPWR Stock

Well Power, Inc. is a development stage company which recently acquired an exclusive license to access a mobile and scalable Wellhead Micro-Refinery Units (MRUs) deployable close to the wellhead to process raw natural gas into liquid fuels and clean power.

Click here to view the SEC filings for WPWR.
Click here to view the website for Well Power.

Trading History:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
01/30/14 0.1500 0.5100 0.1500 0.5100 +0.3600 +240.00% 78,600


Bottom Line:

Watch for WPWR to come down to a more reasonable level before throwing money at it just because prints of the penny stock occurred yesterday. There is no doubt that WPWR stock will get pumped, the only question is by whom.

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