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DRHCTraders can finally quench their thirst tomorrow in search of what some dream might be the next Monster Beverage Corp. (MNST). The penny stock of Dethrone Royalty Holdings Inc. (OTC: DRHC) is in the spotlight after announcing their sponsorship of the “Texas vs. The Nation” football game. The deal was originally made public a week ago but is sure to have an impact, together with the email alerts, on an expected multi-million share volume session for DRHC stock on Tuesday. Watch it, slap it and put it away wet if you plan on dethroning the chasers.

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DRHC Stock ChartDRHC Stock Chart

Market Cap: 15.08M
Last: 0.155  0.013 (9.15%)
Volume: 403,251
Dollar Volume: $62,920
Open: 0.16
High: 0.16
Low: 0.15
Trades: 39
Authorized: 500,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 97,320,000
14-Day Rel Strength: 55.96%
14-Day Stochastic: 95.24%

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Since our initial coverage of Dethrone Royalty Holdings on November 19, the beverage distributor managed to file a 10-Q for the period ending October 31, 2012. Nothing exciting was really there to report since the 10-K filing we pulled our data from. No sales yet of the beverage and no significant changes to their capital stock structure, yet there are claims that the Company is in discussions to work with five beverage manufacturers and several companies for packaging materials.

However, at the start of the new year, Dethrone agreed to be the 2013 Title Sponsor of Texas vs. The Nation, a scheduled contest of the top collegiate football players originally from Texas or who played college football in Texas against top players from around the nation, to be held on February 2, 2013 at Eagle Stadium in Allen, Texas. Basically  if you didn’t get chosen for the Hula Bowl and are of no threat of being a 1st or 2nd round pick in the upcoming NFL draft, you might be one of the players in this low-level fluff parade.

The sponsorship deal wasn’t Dethrone being chased down to do it, it was quite the opposite. It almost sounds like its the DRHC Bowl and not the Texas vs. The Nation game.

In order to get their name into the marketplace with commercials for the Company’s products on TV during the scheduled game, mention of the Company name before and after commercial breaks, and the Company logo being placed on game ads and promotional material and billboards, Dethrone the Company agreed to provide 5,000,000 shares of restricted DRHC stock to Overtime Marketing SE, LLC. Rumor has it that Toby McBride and Michael Jay Holley may even be kissing babies at the entrance gates.

While traders have been buying and selling shares of DRHC stock for months already, Overtime Marketing is going to have to wait for a while for much of the 5 million shares, as well as pay a premium. The deal calls for the restricted shares to be sold at a price per share equal to 125% of par value ($.001) – talk about breaking the bank.The shares are supposedly made available for sale upon the following schedule:

· 1,250,000 shares at the time of execution of the formal Sponsorship Contract;
· 1,250,000 shares 180 days after execution of Sponsorship Contract;’
· 1,250,000 shares 360 days after execution of Sponsorship Contract; and
· 1,250,000 shares 540 days after execution of Sponsorship Contract.

So, basically, the announced football game is good for 1.25 million shares of DRHC stock at a price of 125% of $0.001 in time for tomorrow’s trading session. The rest of the DRHC stock can be purchased at a price even Asher Enterprises or TCA Global wouldn’t be able to negotiate. Gotta get some of that MNST one of these days.

About DRHC Stock

Dethrone Royalty Holdings, Inc.,  despite having virtually no financial resources and negative working capital as of  October 31, 2012, plans on distributing their product for the first time during the first calendar quarter of 2013. Initially, the Company plans to have two flavors of one product and will distribute in California to convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores and gyms. Click here to view the SEC filings for DRHC.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
01/14/13 0.1550 +0.0130 +9.15% 403,251
01/11/13 0.1420 -0.0080 -5.33% 107,800
01/10/13 0.1500 +0.0100 +7.14% 51,500
01/09/13 0.1400 unch unch 55,000
01/08/13 0.1400 unch unch 85,900


Bottom Line: DRHC stock is not the red-headed stepchild of the OTC at present and deserves a seat at the table of penny stocks to watch. While the Company claims that, as of December 14, 2012, to have entered into contracts with several professional sports personalities to represent them and endorse the DRHC products, its worth taking a close look at the open with 20% as the “touchdown” number.

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