High Performance Beverages Co. (TBEV) Gains 800% In 2 Weeks

If you bought shares of High Performance Beverages Co. (OTC PINK: TBEV) at the start of August, you can call yourself one of the best traders buying penny stocks at the right time.  Since the first two trading sessions of the month were in the books, shares of TBEV stock have been on a northbound climb to such an extent that yesterday’s 0.0018 high notched the peak of the 800% run the development stage beverage maker has been on.  With an increase in authorized shares having been on record since June, the time to “Throwdown” and bail is sure to come without a moments notice.

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TBEV Stock


High Performance Beverage has had one of the best performing penny stocks this month after announcing on August 6, when TBEV stock sparked up, that Southeast Bottling completed the required FDA guideline testing for their High Performance Sports Beverage.  Shares of TBEV shares were as low as 0.0002 on August 5 even though the company did a 1 for 10 reverse stock split back in February of this year right after they dumped the deal with Throwdown Industries Holdings, LLC and changed their name from Dethrone Royalty Holdings, Inc.

Production of the High Performance Sports Drink was said to be ready for production with Southeast Bottling as of yesterday and shares of TBEV stock, despite no new updates, peaked to 0.0018 – an 800% gain since the announcement was made just two weeks ago.  This product launching would be a pinnacle move for the company considering that not a penny in revenues has been booked during the none months ended April 30, 2015, $1,481 less than what was booked during the nine months ended April 30, 2014.

What’s a scary to see is how, even after doing a 1-for-10 RS, shares of TBEV stock have already maxed out the 2.5 billion authorized to such an extent, that, with 2,250,391,542 shares issued and outstanding as of June 18, 2015, the approval to increase the authorized to 5 billion was made prior to the Q filing.  Then again, when you have $2,296,812 in convertible notes on your books, some of which date back to 2012, getting them converted and transferred to the retail investor is the modus operandi that other Beverage tickers like BBDA have been masters at doing.

In fairness, the deals that High Performance Beverages has with their featured athletes (http://bev.highperformancebeverage.com/?page_id=13168) is similar to what DeThrone was doing with the handful of players they had on board with them.  It would be beyond fantastic to see these celebrity athletes make TBEV stock move to levels which match their performances on their respective playing fields, but the OTC arena is one where the toxic financiers and savvy traders who flip on time win the Championship rings worth more money than the believers in the story.

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