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August is finally in the books (along with thousands of percentage points in gains) and what better way to end the most volatile month than with a weekend spent of high expectations that fell short.  Sierra Resource Group Inc. (SIRG) saw its first trading session without the Q attached to it (was SIRGQ until Friday) and traders who were wise enough to load their boats up thought te open ask of 0.0099 was the beginning of the biggest pay off in weeks.  When the bell finally rang and dreams of the unicorn turned into a mule, SIRG stock got swapped out for some of the better penny stocks out there in advance of September trading, some of which are looking like some real strong winners.

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SIRG Stock

Top Penny Stocks Traded

Symbol Price % Chg $ Volume Share Vol Trades
FNMA 2.37 +3.95 25,336,500 10,489,888 3,121
FMCC 2.26 +3.67 8,903,374 3,847,397 1,437
MDBX 0.113 -31.10 1,477,443 11,804,926 1,066
SIRG 0.0033 +6.45 500,940 130,799,850 819
BLKG 1.74 +14.10 1,186,198 706,447 719
ANRZQ 0.0579 +19.88 668,712 11,458,457 703
AVXL 1.35 +0.75 1,666,476 1,225,781 663
AREN 0.75 +7.14 909,121 1,224,821 539
TBEV 0.0027 +68.75 521,384 227,020,702 533


Besides the F twins, FNMA and FMCC, the top traded penny stock Monday was Medbox, Inc. (MDBX) and for all the wrong reasons.  After a few sessions of complete bullishness last week on the news of 13 million shares being cancelled by the founder of the cannabis consulting firm, the 14C filed the same day to increase the AS from 100M to 410M didn’t seem to hit traders where it needed to.  Gaining 490% from Monday to Friday, MDBX stock gave almost all of it back, dropping -31.10% to 0.113 with lower lows expected to come.

SIRG was to have begun the week in “beast mode” for all the traders that were accumulating shares between .0009 and .0015 for just over a week after word got out that SIRGQ would be dropping the Q come Friday and news of the bankruptcy closure due out soon.  No news came out and the fiasco which had traders in panic premarket of not being able to sell or buy shares lead to a disappointing morning after a 0.0099 Ask, seconds before the open, failed to meet expectations, eventually trading below Friday’s close and ending as if no big event even occurred.

Note: Late on Monday, a website ( appeared for Sierra Resources Group which could have enough juice to add some caffeine to SIRG on Tuesday.

The big winner among the top traded penny stocks was the little green bull of High Performance Beverages Co (TBEV), adding another .0011 to the PPS for a total of 575% gains in the month of August.  News announcements flowed through the month to help support adrenaline on TBEV stock ad, after closing at the HOD on Monday, could continue to experience the bullishness as the ticker attempts to climb a mountain to get to copper land.

As for the rest of the top traded penny stocks, the pressure is building up as to when the manipulated support of America Resources Exploration Inc. (AREN) will eventually end.  Since promotional emails continued to come out on Monday, best guess is towards the end of the week, AREN stock will begin its daily decline until they fizzle out below the 0.10 – 0.15 range.

Scanners did get lit up during the course of Monday’s trading session and these are just a couple of the penny stocks we’ll be tracking as September begins:

  • Advanced Medical Isotope Corp. (ADMD) 0.0018 (20.00%)
  • Hasco Medical, Inc.(HASC) 0.0215 merger in the works
  • One World Holdings Inc. (OWOO) 0.009 (5.88%) due to break into copper land
  • North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. (USMJ) 0.0019 (46.15%)


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