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TBEVTo say it’s been a wild five weeks for High Performance Beverage Co. (OTC PINK: TBEV) would be like saying riding in the space shuttle to the moon and back was an “OK” trip.  Shares of the development stage sport performance beverage designers began August at 0.0003 and peaked to 0.003, a 900% rise, exactly a month later, only to enter into September with some serious selling pressure on record volume, 1,080,166,800 shares traded on Tuesday.  With news out and a set date for when the drinks will be available for purchase, buying TBEV stock again in the trips has many thinking a bounce is due to come.

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TBEV Stock Chart


Top Penny Stocks Traded – Wednesday, September 9

Symbol Price % Chg $ Volume Share Vol Trades
AREN 0.25 -46.55 1,100,457 4,426,016 1,255
GNSZ 0.81073 -27.78 1,834,870 2,516,748 1,106
FNMA 2.28 -0.22 3,259,920 1,422,496 896
AVXL 1.38 +2.22 2,053,520 1,563,140 862
TBEV 0.00089 -10.00 512,075 493,895,763 638
MONIF 0.043 -53.26 815,058 17,922,504 620
MSRT 2.05 -0.98 737,903 358,136 533
CCTC 0.5797 +40.91 550,096 987,209 506


High Performance Beverage Co. has done one of the best PR jobs of the summer, a story that began on August 6 when they announced that Southeast Bottling completed the required FDA guideline testing for their sports beverage product.  Shares of TBEV stock were picking up some steam then, doubling from .0003 to .0006 on light volume, but things really began to go nuts during the last trading week of August, rising from the trips to 0.003 on the heels of news that the first production run and start of pre-order sales had begun followed by a well layed out marketing plan to get the word out about it.

September has been a different story for what could be considered as the hottest penny stock of the summer.  Shares of TBEV stock lost their steam after printing 0.003 on September 1, yet volume remained steady in the 173 million to 336 million shares traded range.  That all went out the window at the start of the week when, after starting the trading session down -0001 at 0.0018, TBEV shares got dumped, mainly under the control of market maker CDEL, Citadel LLC which used to be Citadel Investment Group, LLC, with the stock setting a volume record, $1,458,225 on 1,080,166,800 shares traded.

With many traders looking for 0.001 as the knife-catching bottom yesterday, TBEV went back to its old ways, closing in the trips at .0009 which, considering the increase in authorized from 2,500,000,000 to 5,000,000,000 approved back in June, was an expected downward move.  With a new sales launch date of September 18 now set in writing for their High Performance Sports Beverage, we should all expect to see TBEV shares try their best to touch .0015 before entering October in the trips for the duration of 2015.

On a more expected dumpage, shares of America Resources Exploration, Inc. (AREN) enetered into the post-Labor Day week as expected, coming to the final sessions of being supported by the remnants of what once was the Awesome Penny Stocks team.  Yes, FinestPennyStocks and BestAmericanStocks are still sending out catchy emails like “Want to buy AREN at 20 cents right now?” and “AREN at near all-time low! Buy Now?“, but for everyone who has been or witnessed the death drop of their promoted tickers in the past knows AREN stock is a charred ticker that is due to be under a dime within a week.

Over on the big boards, coal stocks have been hot of recent and Clean Coal Technologies Inc. (OTC PINK: CCTC) started to heat up at the start of the shortened trading week just days after announcing a deal that will land them a license fee of $1,000,000 per one million tons of capacity and a royalty of $1.50 per ton.  The emerging cleaner-energy company utilizing patented technology to convert raw coal into a cleaner burning and more efficient fuel hasn’t had time to update their financial filings with the SEC since the period ended September 30, 2014, but given the way other coal stocks have seen huge volume, the news drops have worked out well with $251,697 and $535,556 now traded thus far this week and the stock climbing 146% since Friday’s lows.

If you missed the TBEV run, the AREN run, or the CCTC run, fret not since Thursday is due to be highlighted by The Wolf of Penny Stocks’ return with what he’s calling “the Wolf’s Biggest Pick of the Year.”  The timing might suck since volume levels are no where near what they need to be for a proper runner, but there’s also the long anticipated wait for Mike Statler’s StockTips to throw another piece of crap ticker out that isn’t really playable until day three of his campaign.

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