ECAU | Echo Automotive Gaining Attention Off The EchoDrive

ECAU, ECAU stock, EchoDrive, Echo Automotive Inc., Echo Automotive ticker, Whether your’e new to penny stocks or have been trading for years, getting in early is the easiest way to make money, especially with OTC stocks. Savvy traders who know them markets inside and out are already taking starter positions in Echo Automotive Inc. (OTC: ECAU) speculating some positive news. The Arizona based company is already booking revenues from their EchoDrive™, a conversion which swaps fleet vehicles into highly fuel efficient plug-in hybrids and has some predicting ECAU stock could see $1 plus in the short term. While hybrids have seen a ton of resistance in the retail sector, a conversion for businesses may be the ticket to a winning combination.

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Market Cap: 55.50M
Last: 0.74 -0.01 (-1.33%)
Volume: 331,400
Dollar Volume: $245,614
Open: 0.77
High: 0.77
Low: 0.72
Trades: 99
Authorized: 650,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 75,000,000
Insiders: 52,500,000

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Targeting the fleet vehicle truck market, estimated to be over 11 million truck vehicles (class 1 – 5) worth roughly $11 billion in the U.S. alone, Echo Automotive is making a statement with their EchoDrive™, a bolt-on easy-install system to convert existing fleet vehicles to electric assists, reducing their operating expense. Like what penny stock traders are hoping for out of ECAU stock, the EchoDrive™ platform aims to provide a quick return which should be an easy sale to Companies who have commercial fleet vehicles.

As far as ECAU shares are concerned, trading really picked up on the first session of 2013. With 70% of the OS owned by DBPJ Stock Holding, LLC, an Arizona LLC, that would leave just 22.5 million shares in the public float. Some eyebrows were raised towards the latter part of today’s trading session as market makers appeared to be ganging up on ECAU stock making the buys look like it was actually getting dumped — a classic case of tree shaking to get the scared money out.

While the EchoDrive™ is relatively new, the Company has been able to book some revenues during the course of 2012. Having used $1,244,367 for the nine months ended September 30, 2012 to fund their operating activities, revenues are going to have be greater than $6,100 for the nine months ended September 30, 2012. Without a decent contract soon, Echo Automotive will be forced to obtain additional funding, either via the issuance of equity, debt or collaboration of both, in order to finance its business strategy, even though they could be extremely successful with just a small portion of the fleet vehicle market. Check out their corporate video on their website.

About ECAU Stock

Echo Automotive, Inc. is developing a set of technologies that it believes will reduce overall fuel expenses in commercial fleet vehicles by augmenting existing powertrains with highly efficient electrical energy delivered by electric motors powered by Echo’s modular plug-in battery modules. Click here to view the SEC filings for ECAU, here to view their website.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
01/03/13 0.7400 -0.0100 -1.33% 328,400
01/02/13 0.7500 +0.0200 +2.74% 290,300
12/27/12 0.7300 -0.1600 -17.98% 20,000
12/24/12 0.8900 +0.1600 +21.92% 2,000
12/21/12 0.7300 -0.0200 -2.67% 20,000


Bottom Line: ECAU is one of those penny stocks that could surprise traders with a huge contract agreement which would send the PPS surging. ECAU stock is also one who can issue a ton of note payables considering the ratio of authorized shares to outstanding shares. Thinking back on another company that did decent with similar technology, Great Wall Builders (GWBU), something says this one is going for a ride here shortly. Translation: ECAU is a buy and could run well over $1 within weeks which would mean $2 could be tested before February. Get it on the top of you list f penny stocks to grab now.

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