Epic Fail: DiMi Telematics Doubles Since Dumped On The OTC

After getting dumped on to the market in classic pump and dump style two weeks ago, DiMi Telematics International Inc. (DIMI) has been riding the green elevator. DIMI stock price rose another 6.62% on Wednesday to close at $1.45 on volume of just over 300 thousand. Since the June 15 low of 0.68, the penny stock of DiMi Telematics has gained 113.24%, yet the social media links on the website of the cloud-based M2M communications solutions provider still do not work. With today’s acquisition of “Green Genie”, is DIMI really going to make a run at $2 plus?

Is the Company really a provider of cloud-based solutions or is the stock price just in the clouds until a rainy day?

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DIMI Stock Chart

Market Cap: 590.90M
Shares Outstanding: 327.72M

5 Day % Change: 28.32%
5 Day Moving Avg: 1.30
5 Day Avg Volume: 131,197

10 Day % Change: 43.56%
10 Day Moving Avg: 1.15
10 Day Avg Volume: 631,008

DiMi issued a statement today that they acquired Green Genie, one of the best green mobile apps available for download. Available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for $0.99, Green Genie is an app that offers users a large collection of green projects and resources, making it a comprehensive guide to sustainable living. Green Genie provides a breakdown of certified green products and technologies, glossary of green terms, collection of essential reading, links to the best green web sites and organizations, and links to various carbon footprint calculators.

A few days ago, the Company announced that a national televised and online media campaign, titled “Smart Just Got Smarter,” had begun. The campaign is aimed to promote awareness of the DiMi brand and educate consumers across the country on the diverse and transformative capabilities of M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communications technologies. C’mon. Like this is really what its about.

Starting next week, a 30-second version of the animated video DiMi has created is scheduled to air on various television networks to include CNN, CNN Headline News, CNBC, Fox News, Fox Business, MSNBC, Bloomberg, BBC and the Tennis and Golf channels. The advertising spots are said to air in major local markets as well as nationally. Good target market if they actually had something to produce other than a printing press for share certificates.

From the press release the Company issued, this paragraph has to be the most humorous:

In addition, DiMi has engaged social media marketing tools, including Twitter, Google Ads, Facebook and YouTube, to enhance and extend its reach to mobile and online consumers and future DiMi stakeholders. (Here is where it gets good) With nearly 24,000 followers on Twitter and approximately 22,000 “likes” on Facebook, DiMi’s initial online brand-building efforts have yielded a fast-growing audience of vocal advocates for the Company and the patent-pending M2M solutions it is bringing to market.


a) they are all a bunch of Justin Bieber fans if you click onthe followers to check out who is following DIMI

Bottom Line: The penny stock pump and dump of DIMI shares is going to be a slow and steady crawl to the clouds before taking a brisk walk to the cemetary. How much confidence can an investor put into a cloud M2M company television ad on any of those channels mentioned when they Company itself can’t even complete its website linkage. DIMI long term equals epic Fail

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