FARE | Crash Helmets Advised If Trading World Moto Inc.

FARE Stock Crash, FARE, FARE Stock, World Moto Stock, FARE Stock ScamOne day left until the end of the world? Perhaps not, but those not wearing their crash test helmets at today’s open are risking a traumatic experience with the penny stock of World Moto Inc. (FARE). Sure the PR is flowing out, as are the emails, the banners are still flying, but if you think that Awesome Penny Stocks stay afloat headed into the upcoming holiday shortened trading weeks, perhaps you been hitting the eggnog a bit too early. While FARE stock has been a winner for anyone who was able to get some late Friday of last week or within 10 minutes of Monday’s alert, the rest of the crowd holding and hoping is about to become the next batch of road kill.

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FARE Stock Chart Since Monday, December 17

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Market Cap: 16.28
Close: 0.111  -0.013 (-10.48%)

Volume / Dollar Volume:
Monday: 145,832,803 / $16,210,373
Tuesday: 32,360,194 / $4,135,946
Wednesday: 22,218,494 / $2,514,171
Monday Open: 0.075
High Since Alert: 0.16 (Tuesday)
Low Since Alert: 0.072 (Monday)

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Volume equal to nearly all of the outstanding shares traded Monday assuring that at least half was able to be dispersed among APS alert traders. Since then, volume has dramatically decreased since savvy traders who religiously follow penny stock newsletters know that the chances of FARE stock a) continuing past Friday and/or b) mimicking the returns achieved at the start of the year are as likely to occur as Santa actually climbing down the chimney next week.

Announcing the already existing motorcycle taxi association start up prior to the Wednesday trading session and following it up with fluff of the PM’s advisor being added to the BoD of World Moto Inc. shows the efforts are there to keep it alive. They did the same with SVEN which they pulled out of after just 10 days and, as we predicted on Tuesday, was a bounce play worth the risk providing gains of 300% as it hit 0.04 yesterday. The same is the best approach for FARE stock. Let it crash away as it will this week, leave it alone for further crashing come Monday and bounce play it next week after the Christmas break and grab a quick 100% plus without becoming a crash test dummy.

About FARE Stock

To find out more about World Moto, Inc. (OTCBB:FARE) (OTCQB:FARE) (BERLIN:WM7) (FRANKFURT:A1J8SY), visit www.worldmoto.com.

Bottom Line: Awesome Penny Stocks picks, like FARE, have been riskier as the year end has approached. Once the “God’s of Penny Stocks” after NSRS and SNPK to start the year, the VLNX scandal and lack of performance of GWBU has created a ton of doubt. Add the shortened trading weeks approaching and its an easy to see why FARE stock has a better than fair chance of crashing today or tomorrow.

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