Penny Stock: Ever Seen a FROG Drown Before?

Shares of FrogAds Inc. (OTC: FROG) saw their 3rd day of volume increase while the price of the penny stock struggles to stay above a dime. The stock price of FROG has been on a steady decline which even Pamela Anderson has not been able to save from drowning down -6.47% in the last trading session, -38.66% in the last 20 days, and -82.12% from it’s December High. Those investing in the penny stock FROG are simulating the 80’s classic game, Frogger, in efforts to scalp ½ a cent day trading it.

But fear not for Julian Spitari, CEO of, is manning the red-bikini  David Hasslehoff sported by teaming up with FrogAds will post CareerBuilder job advertisements on its website within the job section (seems like a fitting section to post them). All types of job postings from English-Speaking Domestic Helpers to Green-Card Holding Landscapers and a slew of others will be included. FrogAds expects its current job inventory to rapidly grow. Duh!

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FROG Stock Chart:

Market Capitalization: 10.15M
Shares Outstanding: 90.00M
52 Week High
(12/14/2011): 0.59
52 Week Low
(4/27/2012): 0.101

5 Day Pct Change: -7.46%
10 Day Pct Change: -11.34%
20 Day Pct Change: -38.66%

CareerBuilder has the largest online job site in the U.S. CareerBuilder operates in the U. S., Europe, Canada, Asia and South America. Its sites, combined with partnerships and acquisitions, give CareerBuilder a presence in more than 60 markets globally.

Last month, Julian Spitari announced that nearly a billion pages of search results had been achieved for ‘Post Free Ads‘ has reached the number one position due to largely free ads being placed worldwide and having nearly 400 sub categories. Note: Anyone who understands SEO knows that it isn’t expensive, especially when you’re selling stock on the open market in the millions, to hire some firm out of India to search keywords to rank your site higher, even via proxy so it appears unique.


Formerly Imobolis Inc., FrogAds was formed in the state of Nevada on February 11, 2010 with the intent to establish an internet bulletin board site where visitors could list items for sale or trade, read news articles, and/or find service providers. FrogAds expected to generate a large inventory of classified ads. The listings were designed to be free to the seller and buyer. FrogAds would, in-turn, sell “advertisements’ or “banner ads” on its website directed toward internet users and vehicle buyers. Frogads will generate its revenues from the sale of such advertisements.

FrogAds is currently considered a development stage company. As a development stage enterprise, an entity remains in the development stage until such time as, among other factors, revenues have been realized. As of the most recent 10-Q filed by FrogAds, the development stage of the Company’s operations consists of developing the business model and marketing concepts.

FrogAds was considered a development stage company from inception until it commenced operations that resulted in the recognition of revenues beginning on November 26, 2010. At that time, FrogAds exited the development stage, but has re-entered the development stage on July 1, 2011 due to uncertainties with respect to our ability to generate future revenues.

Bottom Line: The key to a successful investment strategy on a penny stock is having the ability to pick the correct entry and exit points. When a stock like FROG has a spread as tight as a frog’s ass, it’s pretty difficult to spend the time looking for entry and exit points when there are other penny stocks like OMVE, DOMK and TLON that have a spread like Pamela’s; easy to get in and out of with pleasure.


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