GCEI | Obama’s Win Great For Green Energy Companies

Green Energy Stocks, GCEI, GCEI StockFour more years! With Obama’s re-election, what many investors are already projecting is that government funds and tax-laden incentives will be robust for companies focused on clean, green energy alternatives. Exactly why penny stock traders should have Global Clean Energy Inc. (GCEI) on their radar screens for the coming week and months ahead. Some speculator’s who have been tracking GCEI stock already anticipated an Obama victory yesterday and moved the PPS up over 20% to close at the HOD.

GCEI should again be on your radar screens with expectations of announcements or agreements that may have been held back or pending based on the outcome of the presidential victor.

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Market Cap: 3.78M
Close: 0.056, up 0.01 (24.44%)
Volume: 68,405
Dollar Volume: $3,472
High: 0.056
Low: 0.045
Trades: 13
Average Trade Size: 5,261
Authorized: 500,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 67,415,721

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Two weeks ago, Global Clean Energy concluded its first round of funding whereby the Company entered into an agreement with a private funding group who has committed to offer a $1 million operating line of credit. The keyword there is “private” funding. Some critics say that clean energy industries in the U.S. should be able to compete without government support and that credits and incentives are not feasible considering the country’s budget challenges.

However, the Obama 2009 economic-stimulus plan spent $90 billion on clean energy and “saved or created” 225,000 positions through 2010. The waste-to-energy industry which GCEI operates in is a young industry and it’s growing. Based on the fact that the Company completed land clean up projects for one of Britain’s largest coal producers as well as an energy production run for a medium sized community in Canada, the opportunities for them to gain the exposure and contracts available has just increased with Obama’s victory.

Companies will now be able to move their proposed clean energy projects and plans back to the top of their to-do-list which should have GCEI clearly  targeted by a number of Fortune 500 companies. We can expect to see more support for green energy jobs and public works projects and news to begin flowing out on companies like Global Clean Energy which will positively impact portfolios if timed correctly.

About GCEI Stock

Global Clean Energy, Inc. is a waste-to-energy conversion solutions company, focusing on using available and developing technologies to convert waste into commercially viable energy, a process the company refers to as Reforming Environmental Salvage into Clean Usable Energy (R.E.S.C.U.E.).

Bottom Line: GCEI is one of the clean energy penny stocks we are bullish on over the course of the next few days / weeks. GCEI stock should be on your radar list noting that the 30 Day Moving Average is 0.0691 after having peaked out at 0.159 on September 25 when we issued our long alert on them.

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