GCEI | Global Clean Energy Hits New 52 Week High Tuesday

Having been looking for a clue for over a month already, subscribers and followers got their chance to see Global Clean Energy Inc. (GCEI) finally. This really cool waste to energy management company has finally come out of its shell and decided to expand and conquer by closing in on acquiring Houston Industrial Materials. GCEI stock saw a flurry of buyers attacking the PPS like a Furbee 20 years ago in a Toys ‘R Us at the crack of dawn before settling down to realize it is not a one day event.

The question is, was GCEI another one-day puff or the beginnings of the next 1,100%  gains like CBIS, the next 1,143% gains like BBDA, or the next 441% gains like OMVE?

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GCEI Stock, Global Clean EnergyGCEI Stock Chart

Market Cap: 5.35M
Close: 0.138, up 0.002 (1.47%)
Volume: 4,910,173
Dollar Volume: $690,892
High: 0.159
Low: 0.132
Trades: 476
Average Trade Size: 10,315
Authorized: 500,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 67,415,721
Float: 31,943,763

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When we write up or send out alerts that we cover for a month plus, paid or not, we tend to be the best at catching the low. Global Clean Energy is no different. PZOO at .10, ANPZ at 0.685, ZERO (got crushed today) at 0.365, APDN at all of these have brought 300% plus returns and GCEI is no different in our opinion.

It has been proven already with UK Coal and the city of City of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, GCEI’s hybrid gasification technology presents a virtually limitless opportunity for biofuel production, waste management and toxic waste clean-up. We went to visit them a couple years ago to see the gasifier in action and make sure they weren’t going to choke anyone in the vicinity with some rotten egg smelling stench from their waste-to-energy business.

The acquisition of a company that has has been in the industrial materials sales and transportation business for the last 21 years with 19 years of consecutive profitability and annual sales in excess of $2.5 million allows the pre-existing gasifiers get mass produced and placed where they can prodcue fuel.

The opening of a government grants division impresses that the Company is likely to target government buildings and maybe state run schools and universities in order to gain J.V. funding for mass production.

About GCEI Stock

Global Clean Energy, Inc. is a waste-to-energy conversion solutions company, focusing on using available and developing technologies to recover and/or extract from unconventional industrially abandoned, or formerly uneconomic sources to commercially viable Energy Resource Materials This process results in two distinct benefits: 1) converting formerly unusable waste into a viable ERM, and 2) restoring formerly environmentally blighted land to a usable form, a process the company refers to as Reforming Environmental Salvage into Clean Usable Energy (R.E.S.C.U.E.).

Bottom Line: GCEI is our penny stock pick to end September and head into Stocktoberfest with. Closing flat from the open is exactly like most of the quadruple percentage gain winners like CBIS, PPHM, and BBDA were on day-one. The difference between our alerts is that even today, you are still in the money on almost every one of our picks, even CBIS from January 10.

We, at AimHighProfits, have given you all 10 baggers, 5 baggers, and an uncountable number of triple and double mid-term and long-term trade opportunities – Better than anyone else out there. We have high expectations for GCEI based on what we know about the Company and the management. So, trade it, watch it, forget about it, the choice is yours, just plan your trade and trade your plan.

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