GKNI | Global Karaoke Fake Alerts Could Cost Investors Big

GKNI stock, GKNI scam, GKNI alertEmail alerts went out at the open today on Global Karaoke Network Inc. (GKNI) which are fakes and are about to lead investors down the rabbit hole today. Set up by the same attorney that did Vision Plasma Systems, Inc. (VLNX), Bryan Clark, Esq. of Cane Clark LLP, GKNI stock is, like we said on our initial write-up, fake the funk on traders for a massive losing Friday.

Translation: Don’t buy the #2Flusher!

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The fake alerts, piggy backing on the VM name, state:

It is here ! Our new “Homerun Pick”. After a long wait and a few delays our team has discovered an incredible opportunity. This is the opportunity that we have ALL been waiting for. Our next monster winner will be GKNI. We believe its only a matter of time before GKNI goes viral!

It’s important that everyone knows we will never send out a pick until we feel absolutely confident it will be a huge winner. The buzz around GKNI is growing by the minute as new investors are starting to catch on to this exciting new pick.

We know our subscribers count on our picks to make solid money in the micro-cap markets, so we are pushing to bring you the best pick as soon as possible!

Buy GKNI today and you will lose your money – period.

About GKNI Stock

GKNI Stock, GKNI scam, GKNI pump and dump, Global Karaoke Network

Bottom Line: Don’t fall for the penny stock pump and dump of GKNI. If you don’t remember what happened the last time with VLNX, look at the photo above and you will see.

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