GMND Stock Is About To Fly Like A Seagull And Do The Biz

With nothing to do but wait for APS to confirm GROV as their pick, Green Mountain Development Corp. (GMND) is on the penny stocks to watch list for Monday. GMND stock closed at 0.02 Friday with volume of 334,000, about 5X the 10-day average. Coming off the heals of a merger with RNL USA Ltd., its newest wholly owned subsidiary and the first of the new Natural Healthcare operating division, there is a good chance for this pinky soars on Monday.

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GMND Stock Structure

Shares Authorized: 2,000,000,000
Shares Issued and Outstanding: 104,235,911
Float: 39,111,543 as of June 30, 2011

10 Day Stats:
Percent Change: 29.03%
Moving Average: 0.0199
Average Volume: 62,591

The Company sticks its fingers into a vast array of pies, all of which are focused on green companies in the energy, agricultural and environmental sectors. Their planned clinical trials of Bi-Agra™ could stiffen up the pink, since top line numbers and cash were pretty limp as of June 30, 2011 at $0 and $100 respectively. But how can you be the judge of such a ripe investment opportunity based on no-bulge performance numbers from over a year ago. That’s is not a fair judgement of the financial manhood the pinky currently portrays.

As Pastor Phil would tell you: this reverse merger alone with RNL USA Ltd. adds a company that collectively achieved OVER $20M in sales spanning the globe with concentrations in India and Australia dominantly. That reminds me of the story how a Category 5 hurricane is spawned by a single butterfly flapping its delicate wings in the Sahara as the calm breeze gains momentum to become one of nature’s most vicious forces. So does a fart with a good gust of wind behind it too.

About GMND Stock

Green Mountain Development Corp. formerly known as Sub Surface Waste Management of Delaware, has a subsidiary for agricultural products using microbial ingredients. The Company is seeking green technology companies to purchase, incubate or form strategic partnerships for long term mutual growth.

Bottom Line: Pink is Pink, and GMND is about as good as a pinksheet penny stock gets when it comes to their financial statement filings – 114 pages. (see here) Proof that if you can’t display the power of raw numbers, baffle them with BS on your free themes WordPress blog of a website with seagulls circling a lighthouse – the only birds I know of that can defecate while in flight.

Wow! Just realized why Flock of Seagulls was a hit rock band in such a crap music era.

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