GNIN | Shorts Planning Attack Green Innovations’ Stock Again

GNIN Stock, Green Innovations Ltd., Green Hygienics Inc., Bruce Harmon, GNIN scamUnable to beat out AMR Corp. (OTC: AAMRQ) and landing in the 2nd most traded position on the OTC Markets once again, traders should be prepared for the coming crash in the penny stock of Green Innovations Ltd. (GNIN). Circulated through multiple channels on Thursday night, short sellers are planning a massive attack on GNIN stock come Friday which is expected to not only send the share price plummeting, but to also put the final dagger in its positive momentum. Having been on a tear since the start of 2013, a crushing blow of short sellers again is likely to collapse the bamboo paper pushers to the point of no return.

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Market Cap: 183.00M
Last: 1.83  -0.01 (-0.54%)
Volume: 3,047,379
Dollar Volume: $5,758,583
Open: 1.88
High: 1.98
Low: 1.76
Trades: 2,106
14-Day Rel Strength: 59.56%
14-Day Stochastic: 75.60%

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When you are planning to have a spit roast, you feed the pig the best quality foods before you plan to slaughter it. This is exactly what’s been happening while short sellers sit back and watch the share price of GNIN stock continue to rebuild itself since the last time they successfully attacked it. Whatever news Green Innovations is able to come out with tomorrow, it will do little to prevent the pre-planned gutting of crushing the portfolios of the novice traders who took anonymous advice over the phone to call their broker and buy shares in the bamboo paper distributor.

Prior to the opening bell on Thursday, Green Innovations announced that the Company was currently in the process of obtaining final approval for several of its flagship products to be distributed by Topco Associates LLC, a member-owned co-operative buying organization serving supermarket retailers, food wholesalers, and foodservice companies. The deal would mean additional exposure to the paper products industry through Topco’s billions in retail sales volume through its food industry member-owners and customers.

The news was enough to keep GNIN stock actively traded as novice traders continue to jump into the stock on a daily basis with the belief that a return to the $3.35 highs set last month are a no-brainer. What they fail to understand is that Timmy and his team of advanced high schoolers and college students are all teaming up to attack GNIN stock tomorrow with the hopes of being able to be the next court-side guest of the penny stock icon.

Being the betting man that I am, my money is on team Tim with the over/under being in the high -50% range. “Down goes GNIN! Down goes GNIN!”

About GNIN Stock

Green Innovations Ltd., through its wholly-owned subsidiary Green Hygienics, Inc., is the exclusive licensed North American distributor of American Hygienics Corporation’s 100% tree-free bamboo-based product line, including personal care and paper-based goods.

Click here to view the SEC filings for GNIN.
Click here to view the website for Green Innovations Ltd.

Short Selling History Since March 1:

Date % Vol Shorted High Low Close % Change Short Vol Volume
3/14 33.26% 1.98 1.76 1.83 -0.54% 996,945 3,047,379
3/13 29.41% 1.95 1.53 1.84 -15.98% 3,962,410 13,473,115
3/12 27.87% 2.24 1.71 2.19 +14.66% 2,216,521 7,952,754
3/11 32.93% 1.92 1.66 1.91 +4.95% 1,475,157 4,479,421
3/08 32.09% 2.05 1.45 1.82 +5.20% 4,101,984 12,784,693
3/07 29.52% 1.95 1.56 1.73 +10.90% 2,379,301 8,059,613
3/06 30.04% 1.60 1.22 1.56 +25.81% 1,666,733 5,547,783
3/05 33.72% 1.31 1.00 1.24 +12.73% 1,967,015 5,833,500
3/04 29.26% 1.60 0.91 1.10 -6.78% 3,303,553 11,289,251
3/01 39.51% 1.20 0.92 1.18 +25.53% 2,971,747 7,520,709


Bottom Line: GNIN stock had a rebound unlike any other promoted penny stock thus far for 2013 and has been able to generate more dollar volume than last years Awesome Penny Stocks promotion of Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK). With all the chatter pointing to a similar trading session to that of February 19th, expect to see GNIN stock run in the morning before having its legs taken out and put into a figure four leg lock for the tap out.

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