GOFF | Golden Glory Resources Not Closing The Glory Hole Yet

GOFF scam, GOFF Stock Scam, GOFF Stock, GOFF Stock Scam, GOFF CorporationThirteen trading sessions into the pump and dump of Goff Corporation (GOFF), loyal traders of AwesomePennyStocks’ promos have gotten a 2nd chance to claim their 100% gains from day one. Having had 13 million shares shorted prior to the open, GOFF stock crushed the pessimists when their wholly owned subsidiary, Golden Glory Resources S.A., entered a Technical Services Agreement with Geoconsultora Fenix, S.A.S. While there is little that the leading Colombian based geological and mineral exploration firm can really do to help prove the validity of investing in this “soon to tank” penny stock, for now at least, the ship is steering the OTC version of the Titanic into uncharted waters safely.

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Market Cap: 164.45M
Last: 0.575  +0.1125 (+24.32%)
Volume: 19,362,405
Dollar Volume: $10,057,025
Open: 0.4461
High: 0.585
Low: 0.44
Trades: 3,181
1st Resistance Point: 0.6267
1st Support Level: 0.4817

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Goff Corp. has a very tainted past, but is putting up the real news where it is needed in order to catch fresh fish. According to one analyst at investing.com: “If any news comes for Goff’s upcoming drilling exploration that really begins to demonstrate the legitimacy of the project, the stock may stage a significant rally as shorts will have to cover, providing a larger push for the shares.” Another paid testimonial also came from the boutique research firm, Murphy Analytics, who are covering GOFF stock with a $4 price target.

In Comparison, AwesomePennyStocks‘ last promotion, Swingplane Ventures (SWVI), saw its shares hit the 100% level on day nine of its run which began on January 23rd of this year. On the 20th trading session, February 20th, SWVI stock touched $1 for a couple of seconds notching roughly a 400% for most who held on tight for the ride up from day one. From there on out, it’s been a bumpy ride down to 0.0599.

For now at least, Goff Corp.’s Golden Glory Resources has yet to close the glory hole of profits for traders willing to stick some cash into the cavern of doubt. We assumed GOFF stock was another VLNX scandal in the making after seeing the timeline of the former CEO’s murder-for-hire indictment in Ireland to the new direction and change over of the guards – 3 days. Nevertheless, dumb money is flowing in and, when the Colombian house of cards caves in, a new batch of aware investors will be introduced to the expression: “WTF Just Happened To My Stock?”

About GOFF Stock

Click here to view the SEC filings for GOFF.
Click here to view the website for Goff’s Golden Glory Resources S.A.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
04/04/13 0.5750 +0.1125 +24.32% 19,362,400
04/03/13 0.4625 -0.0475 -9.31% 54,159,801
04/02/13 0.5100 -0.0198 -3.74% 26,752,199
04/01/13 0.5298 +0.0763 +16.82% 22,806,600
03/28/13 0.4535 +0.0250 +5.83% 14,604,700


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Bottom Line:

GOFF stock doesn’t appear ready to GOOF traders into sinking their money just yet. With a revamped and more sophisticated looking website now than when the pumped was turned on, GOFF can remain on the list of penny stocks to watch and hold. We were expecting to see bigger volume after trending in the $6 million range all of last week and the increase has proven to bring the moves traders were waiting on.

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