GSTV Stock Is Now Set For The Global Stevia Pump

On June 17th, we wrote about the probability of a new “stevia” penny stock pump when Guru Health (GRUH) changed its name to Global Stevia Corp. (GSTV). It’s on like Donkey Kong after FINRA announced the symbol change and GSTV stock is showing some small activity with 27,139 share volume today closing at 0.62. Needless to say, get it on your list of penny stocks to watch immediately because this could be even better than Stevia First Corp. (STVF) was.

See the full due diligence on GSTV stock here.

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GSTV Stock Chart

Authorized Shares: 975,000,000
Shares Outstanding: 59,800,000

June 14, 2012: 13 for 1 forward split

One item of interest was that around the same time that President and CEO Matthew Christopherson took over the Company, Stevia Nutra Corp (STNT),  which has a very direct connection, did nothing but dump shares which could have been to produce funds for the GSTV stock pump. STNT stock was tarnished from inception due to its ties with previous failed pump and dump ventures.

About GSTV Stock

The recently filed 8-K (see here) will give you all the fluff you need about stevia and how the Company plans to take advantage of the growth in the industry. For a full, in-depth analysis of the persons behind Global Stevia Corp. and what to expect, click here.

Bottom Line: GSTV stock has to be on the list of penny stocks to watch immediately. You aren’t going to see emails floating with pennys tock alerts on GSTV. What you will see are marketing sites likethe ones used for IDOI, ORYN, and various other multi-million dollar, triple gaining penny stock promotions and that’s why it is a must follow.

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