RIHT | RightsCorp Merger With Stevia Agritech Is A Sweet Deal

STVE Stock, OTC STVE, Stevia Agritech Corp., RightsCorp Inc., DigitalRights Corp.So you want to download the newest mp3 without paying for it? How about the latest movie? Seriously, would they bother with little ‘ol you because of 1 or 2 or 1,000 illegal downloads since everyone is doing it already, right? It’s not like you’re Kim DotCom or anything.

Well, if you are one of the few who believes that big brother is watching you and that logging you’re locations through your ISP is a real possibility, you will surely want to have a close eye on the penny stock of Stevia Agritech Corp. (STVE). Although we DD’d STVE stock last year, they never took it to the next level of following Stevia Corp. (STEV) or Stevia First Corporation (STVF) for a sweet pump. However, the latest 8K filing which has the Company in a “binding letter of intent” with Rightscorp, Inc. which does business as DigitalRights, protectors of intellectual property rights relating to policing copyright infringement on the Internet, making money off of illegal activity may never be so legal.

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Market Cap: 21.75M
Last: 0.50

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Rightscorp was co-founded by its current CEO, Christopher Sabec. Sabec, an entertainment attorney, manager and executive and a pioneer in the downloadable music industry being that he was one of the first managers of major label artists to promote the downloading of MP3s as a promotional and marketing tool, has worked with Dave Matthews Band and Hanson, but really made a name for himself in the protection of intellectual property rights when he was made manager of the Jerry Garcia Estate.

During his time as manager for the Garcia Estate, consumers went on to buy more than a million Jerry Garcia neckties each year, and Cherry Garcia was often the top-selling brand of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Under Sabec’s management, the first live release in to retail was After Midnight, a multitrack recording from Kean College, 1980. Sabec then went on to put out between 3 and 4 new releases a year from the vault of more than 500 concerts.

Now, as a general in the field of making illegal downloaders pay for their copyright infringement, Sabec and his seasoned management team at DigitalRights, those who are traced and connected to having illegally downloaded copyrighted materials are paying for it. DigitalRights sends out notices which look like the picture below:

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So, Stevia Agritech has entered into a proposed reverse acquisition transaction with Sabec’s Rightscorp which will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company in exchange for the issuance to the stockholders of Rightscorp of approximately 52,500,000 shares of STVE common stock.

The deal is expected to be closed within the next 30 days from the date when Rightscorp completes the audit of its financial statements. In addition, Stevia Agritech already advanced $200,000 to Rightscorp which the Company got thanks to a financing agreement with Hartford Equity Inc., under which Hartford agreed to purchase, directly or through its associates: $200,000 of STVE stock at a price of $0.50 per share. Hartford has agreed to put up an additional $1,650,000, in monthly increments of at least $150,000 over the 14 months, following the closing.

After the closing is completed, Rightscorp shareholders will own approximately 52,500,000 shares of STVE and assume control of management as well as the board of directors positions. Furthermore, the deal calls for no more than 79,100,000 shares of STVE stock to be issued and outstanding if and when Hartford has purchased the total number of shares it is allowed to. The surviving entity will be known as Rightscorp, Inc. (RIHT).

There are only 65,000,000 shares authorized which leads us to believe that a ticker symbol change will come when they need to increase the total number of shares authorized. More importantly, immediately following the closing:

· the Company shall have no more than $1,000 in liabilities; and
· the Company’s common stock shall be DTC eligible

So, in summary, get STVE stock on your list of penny stocks to buy immediately and look for an entry position as close to $0.50 as possible. They might not sell used clothes for children or attempt to grow sweet leaf stevia, but with the unlimited number of fines that can be issued to illegal downloaders for each and every unauthorized media grab, by the time this ticker symbol is changed and the buy is on for RIHT stock, you can expect to already be well in the money.

About RIHT Stock

RightsCorp, Inc., dba DigitalRights, is dedicated to the vision that digital creative works should be protected economically so that the next generation of great music, movies, video games and software can be made and their creators can prosper.

Click here to view the SEC filings for STVE.
Click here to view the website for RightsCorp.

STVE Trading History:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
06/28/13 0.5000 unch unch 1,300
05/24/13 0.5000 unch unch 2,500


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