GTCP Stock Has Some Suspicious Trading Activity Friday

Traders were frantically anticipating an email Thursday for the “Next” Awesome Penny Stocks pick which some believe could be Georgetown Corp. (GTCP). Having almost no activity this week, GTCP stock had two trades Friday, one at 9:36 and then another at 12:20 for 2,020 and 2,500 shares respectively, both for 0.25. Call it nothing, but with the obvious connection to previous penny stock picks, it has some traders listing it on the top of their watchlist, especially after today’s alert.

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GTCP Stock Structure

Current Price: 0.25 (see here)
Market Cap: $135,000,000
Shares Authorized: 700,000,000
Shares Outstanding: 540,000,000 a/o May 10, 2012
Float: Not Available

Note: On February 6th, there was a 400:1 forward stock split. On June 6th,  the Company announced the cancellation of 265 million common shares, 200 million restricted and 65 million unrestricted, and 25 million previously designated Class “A” preferred shares. No SEC documentation can confirm such action.

Many expected GTCP to be ready to go after Georgetown Corp. made the changes needed on May 31st so that the corporate structure wasn’t a total copy of North Springs Resources (NSRS). The share structure is very similar but now Melvin D. Swanson has some names behind the shell he got off of Mackie Barch, sole director of Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK). A large number of traders subscribed to get the next Awesome Penny Stocks pick received an email mid-day, just after the 2nd GTCP trade was processed, which stated:

Your favorite newsletter is now under new management and we will be bringing you a brand new pick very soon. No more picks priced at 50 cents + we are going back to what our members want; awesome picks priced low!

Make sure you’re ready as it will be announced very soon! Tell your friends who are not signed up to go ahead and sign up.

Fund your brokerage accounts so that you are ready to buy quickly after we announce the pick with no lag time!

They can pump a stock better than anyone and dump it better than Gordon Gekko so well that even main street Wall Street brokers trade their picks. When is the next Awesome Penny Stocks pick coming out, how long is a piece of string?

About GTCP Stock

Formerly Yukonic Minerals Corp., Georgetown Corporation was incorporated in Nevada on May 26, 2010. The Company has been in an exploration stage since its formation and has not realized any revenues from operations. The Company’s principal business plan is to acquire, explore and develop mineral properties and ultimately seek earnings by exploiting mineral claims.

On June 18th, the Company announced the formation of Synergy Oil Tool & Supply LLC, a new wholly-owned subsidiary established to provide oilfield equipment to both independent and major oilfield companies involved in the exploration, production and development of oil and gas properties, domestically and in selected international markets.

Bottom Line: GTCP stock is just one of the penny stocks to watch which could be the next Awesome Penny Stocks pick for a number of reasons. The share structure is there, the shell was owned by SNPK‘s CEO prior to the transfer to Melvin Swanson and he has a convertible note payable with them, and it has the stock price that falls within the parameters of the email alert indications. Having said that, many think that it will be a fresh Company which has filed its S-1 recently that no one has had a chance to get in early on.

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