LBGO Stock Is On The “Sexy Asian’s” List Of Penny Stocks

Guess who’s back? The sexy asian and I’m mad as hell. First of all, these charades of fake APS picks like Monday’s Advanced Oxygen Technologies Inc. (AOXY), a company that rents land, which traded $515,853 of dumb money. But on a more obvious note, hasn’t anyone seen what’s going on with Liberty Gold Corp. (LBGO)? Forget that LBGO stock closed at 0.65 with only $32,371 in volume, it’s what is happening behind the scenes.

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LBGO Stock Chart

Close: 0.65, -0.10 (-13.33%)
Volume: 44,794
Prior to Monday:
10 Day Percent Change: 132.14%
10 Day Moving Average: 0.506
10 Day Average Volume: 47,019

Shares Authorized: 250,000,000
Shares Outstanding: 88,270,833

Liberty Gold filed their K a month ago and their Q last week after firing their accounting firm, Li & Company PC and hiring Peter Messineo, CPA. Peter’s firm does the books for Bonanza Gold (BNZA), Lynn Harrison’s last Company, as well as last holiday season’s dessert of a penny stock pump, Amwest Imaging (AMWI), as well as IC Places Inc. (ICPA). For those of you who don’t know, AMWI was the APS play that began right before Thanksgiving and ended right before Christmas (NSRS came out December 27). Messineo & Co. do the books for a few others, but it’s these kind of ties that raise the curiosity brow high enough to open the eyes for a better look-see.

Right after we initiated coverage on LBGO, they announced that they had a $15 million financing agreement, as of October 11, 2011, with institutional investor American Gold Holdings Ltd. This is the same British Virgin Islands group who gave Lone Star Gold (LSTG) their mining rights for the “La Candelaria” property. (see here) They will need that since on June 26, Liberty terminated their agreement for the purchase of the original mining claims they acquired from Precious Metals Exploration, the same company that sold Lynn Harrison’s BNZA back in 2010 when it was still called Cold Gin Corp. (see here)

At then end of all that…. LBGO simply has the McCord Creek Property (see here) which cost $15,000. Perfect price for a good pump on a newly formed Company that was under APS control since the S1 filing 2 years ago today. Don’t believe me, then why, on March 8, 2009, were 200,000 shares issued to Frank J. Hariton as a founder? The same Frank J. Hariton that is listed on the S1 of HDS International (HDSI), the contact person for Sauer Energy Inc. (SENY), and council for Organic Plant Health Inc. (OPHI).

About LBGO Stock

Liberty Gold Corp.,  upon acquisition of certain gold mine properties on April 5, 2011, decided to engage in the business of acquiring, exploring and developing mineral properties.  Although the Company acquired mineral properties, a substantial portion of the Company’s activities has involved establishing the business and the Company has neither started exploring the mineral properties, nor generated any revenue to date.

Bottom Line: LBGO needs to be on your list of penny stocks to watch, especially this week when picks will be flying from every direction claiming to be the APS pick. LBGO has the share structure, control from inception, and a trusted name at the helm in Lynn Harris who performed wonderfilly in the BNZA stock dump.

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