LDSI | Like A Ticket for Last Month’s Concert – Worthless

LDSI, LDSI scamWorse than Van Hagar, the Backstage Vibe tour of Life Design International Inc. (LDSI) has yet to wrap up its backdooring dump onto shareholders. After having already passed the cemetery of penny stock alerts where they have the  palsiated send button, LDSI stock is still in the circuit and far from any Orbit other than the remains evacuated from the #2Flushers of NASA.

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LDSI, LDSI Stock, LDSI scamLDSI Stock Chart

10 Day Percent Change: -80.00%
10 Day Moving Average: 0.0036

20 Day Percent Change: -92.98%
20 Day Moving Average: 0.0111

30 Day Percent Change: -96.30%
30 Day Moving Average: 0.0199

The recent news issued was that a growing number of registrants for Backstage Vibe™.  The Company has started to share the outstanding array of applications and features of their global social music web platform. One array that has yet to be offered is revenues which is likely to never occur for this Company under this business model.

From what was received earlier, you, Joe (or Joan) Investor, are expected to make a financial move based on the fact that:

• LDSI has been recently in a downtrend pattern however we believe that their may be a bounce in the near-term.
• LDSI has noticed a significant increase in volume levels, which indicates growth in interest from the wall street community.
• LDSI currently has an RSI at 18, on the daily scale, indicating opportunity for a potentially decreased downside.
• The issuers of today’s alert have noted and uptrend pattern forming on the MACD, indicating potential accumulation.

Furthermore, China is also set to switch their national language to English, Elvis Presley was spotted in the back ground of the most recent Man versus Food taping, and Britney Spears is set to launch a new world tour with Andrea Bocelli which will cover all of the television theme songs since the 1950’s.

About LDSI Stock

Life Design Station International, Inc. is a music-inspired corporation which empowers artists, producers and other music professionals to reach millions of potential customers.  The Company, through its Internet-based division, develops and directs an innovative global social platform allowing artists from the U.S. and the world to interface collaboratively in order to promote, produce and sell their musical artistry.

Bottom Line: The landfill of penny stock promotions is where LDSI should have already been dumped, but since it’s still August and everyone is paranoid of issuing a new ticker. LDSI stock is like a glass of tap water from the UK, it has passed through the human body more than eight times already and still seems to return to the surface.

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