LDSI Stock Rebound? Tell Your Ex’s New Partner To Buy

LDSIAfter pointing out long before Monday’s trading session began that Life Design Station International’s (LDSI) stock was a #2Flusher, pigs keep grabbing for the Charmin. LDSI stock price has dropped from that 0.077 high it reached Monday and has just been churning like a mosh pit at a Mega Death concert. The recent news and penny stock alerts are pushing for today to be a rebound day where we are calling it “tell your ex’s new partner to buy LDSI stock” day and backdoor them with BackStageVibes.

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LDSILDSI Stock Chart: Tuesday

Close: 0.045
Open: 0.05
High 0.052
Low 0.036
Volume: 3,548,527
Trades: 269
Avg Trade Size: 13,191

If you do call or text you Ex’s partner, you can highlight them with the fact that LDSI‘s site,, can be considered a social networking site and how the social network industry wide revenue is expected to grow to $4.8 Billion this year. Tell them that websites like BackStageVibes have proven instrumental to helping artists in the new DIY environment and provide a way for artists to grow a fanbase and collaborate with other artists.

Do that and you can be sure they will never talk to you again let alone think that you were “backstage” with their partner before they were. Translation: Don’t Invest In Sloppy Seconds.

Bottom Line: The penny stock of Life Design Station International, LDSI, should be avoided at all costs. Trade the stock for swings if you are swinging on a porta-potty since LDSI could turn into the “runs” real quick.

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