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LFAP Stock, LifeApps Digital Media, PTRV, YouWorkoutStarting today, traders can look for action to begin on LifeApps Digital Media Inc. (LFAP) after they executed a name change and forward split in August. Pending the approval of LifeApps, LLC, the owners of YouWorkout Magazine, a digital magazine dedicated to sports, health and fitness, Prime Time Travel, Inc. (PTRV) changed their name, added more authorized shares, and effected a 15-for-1 forward split. (see here) In other words, LFAP stock is on the radar for some trading action in the near term.

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LFAP Stock Structure

Authorized: 300,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 120,000,000
Attorney on S-1 filing: Gersten Savage LLP

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LFAP, LFAP Stock, LifeApps Digital Media, new penny stocksThe original subscription agreement issued to investors in Prime Time Travel allowed for investors to subscribe to the offering of up to 2 million shares of PTRV stock at a purchase price of 0.02 per share. (see here) When the S-1 was filed in June of 2011, those subscribers were now able to becoming selling shareholders at 0.05, as seen on the legal opinion letter of Gersten Savage LLP. The Company is run and was incorporated by Andrew Michael Listerman (see here).

Until changing the direction of the Company to possibly combine its efforts with LifeApps, LLC, the actual owners of Youworkout.com and its app which is available on Amazon and iTunes, they offered sports travel packages, primarily basketball, to youth athletes and parents/guardians in the Ohio Valley region including Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. As per the most recent 10-Q filed for the three months ended March 31, 2012, the Company had cash of $251 and no revenues to help pay for expenses of $11,154. As for the shares outstanding, there were 8 million, 6 million which were issued to Listerman and the original 2 million as per the S-1.

So, speculate or not? It seems fit, no pun intended, that with the digital arena and media focused on getting your fat self off the couch and into the health environment in one way or another, this could have a much better chance than Apps Genius (APGS) did. Are they a future pump? Who knows. The attorney’s can only be connected to IZEA Inc. (IZEA), MGT Capital Investments, Inc. (NYSE MKT: MGT), CYIOS Corp. (CYIO) and EGPI Firecreek, Inc. (EFIR),who is tied in directly with Mondial Ventures, Inc. (MNVN).

At the end of the day, if they can help more women to have as pictured (I would pay millions for that) and avoid having to purchase Tropine 3 patches from Pristine Solutions (PRTN) when they start suffering from hot flashes, good luck to them. We’ll be watching.

About LFAP Stock

Pending approval as stated per the 8-K filing, LifeApps® is a digital publisher, delivering a cross-platform suite of products and services that are focused on enthusiast health, fitness and sports topics. Our products are differentiated in the way we motivate and enable the integration of fitness into a consumer’s rapidly adopted digital lifestyle with pre-existing areas of health, fitness and sports interest.

As a result, our products deliver topically focused content covering news, performance training, healthy diet, fitness equipment, sports medicine, and healthy lifestyle entertainment to consumers on their preferred media consumption device: websites, smartphones, tablets and will branch out into smart TV and entertainment center devices in the near future.

Bottom Line: New penny stocks like LFAP are always nice to find out about as soon as they become available, however, it doesn’t always mean that something big is going to happen. The increase from 95 million to 300 million shares of authorized capital and the forward stock split could be nothing more than preparation for a share purchase agreement. It could also mean LFAP stock is gonna get hot. We’ll see soon.

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