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Hot Penny Stocks, Penny Stocks, Penny Stocks on the MoveThe last week of the 3rd quarter is upon us and, by now, you should have banked yourself a hefty profit thus far in 2012 if you have been following us. With 10 baggers, 5 baggers, and an uncountable number of quadruple, triple and double short-term, mid-term and long-term trade opportunities, don’t expect that you’re going to pay 14.1% tax like Mitt Romney did last year. With great fortunes, comes great responsibilites (or some garbage political line like that) and our alert which will be out after Monday’s closing bell will be another addition to the list of capital gains taxes you will be subject to reporting.

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Liquid Penny Stocks To Watch This Week

Symbol Price % Chg $ Volume Share Vol Trades
PRTN 0.495 +9.51% 3,867,160 7,788,574 1,211
AAMRQ 0.425 +16.76% 1,967,184 4,675,274 670
ZERO 1.50 +1.35% 1,565,753 1,021,497 520
APDN 0.2195 +21.14% 1,500,244 7,400,799 511
ACTC 0.08 -4.76% 1,262,266 15,600,409 453
JSDA 0.233 -28.31% 1,094,292 4,286,939 277

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Pristine Solutions Inc. (PRTN) would have better off pushing an obesity drug rather than a pre, peri and post “hot flashes” menopause drug cause the fat hunk of junk wont move out of its own way to pass 50 cents. If Biggie Smalls was still alive, he could have run faster than PRTN stock has. Friday’s  “The Doctors” PR scheduled for Monday is about as hot as the nachos the kid in front of me spilled at the Dolphins/Raiders game last Sunday. Ludacris had the perfect theme song for this pump and dump:


The two real momentum penny stocks that traded over $1,000,000 in volume are Save the World Air (ZERO) and Applied DNA Sciences Inc. (APDN). Both ZERO stock, up as much as 368% since our initial alert, and APDN stock, up as much as 220% since our initial alert, have bth been tearing into the blue skies setting new highs last week. Pull back or not, neither of these two are done with their upward climbs.

Bottom Line: Picking penny stocks and alerting about them has proven time and time again that our penny stock picks outperform APS, TBX, and SMA. With our alert due out Monday just after the closing bell, trade it, watch it, forget about it, the choice is yours, — you won’t regret it if you do.

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