Nevada Gold Corp. (NVGC) Building On Castles In Disguise

NVGC Stock, OTC NVGC, Nevada Gold Corp.,Massey Exploration Corp.Rushing towards that half-dollar ceiling without tripping over the decimal point, the penny stock of Nevada Gold Corp. (NVGC) sustained itself well after StockCastle came out of hibernation to spam out on it. Dipping last week to as low as 0.245, roughly the level the front loaders came in on, NVGC stock is due for another week long pimp about their Diamond Jim Mine and the touted $182 million worth of silver that is beneath the surface of it. With qualified geologists now on board and a threesome of dudes going down to fondle around with the shafts that Diamond Jim has, an erection in share price this week is sure to be the peak of it as stuffing the bird before it gets basted with its own juices inches closer by the hour.

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Market Cap: 17.94M
Last: 0.335 ▲ +0.005 (+1.52%)
Volume: 2,348,100
Dollar Volume: $786,645
Open: 0.3385
High: 0.365
Low: 0.32
Trades: 529
Authorized: 125,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 53,550,000
14-Day Rel Strength: 63.70%
1st Resistance Point: 0.36
1st Support Level: 0.315

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Officially 3 days into the Nevada Gold, NVGC scam, traders would have expected to have already seen either an SA article pop up under Yahoo news or a syndicated Marketwire release about 359 or so spam emails received by an individual which has forced he or she to file a grievance with some southern state’s circuit court. Although neither of the 2 has yet to occur, any trader in the $14 Company (total assets as of August 31, 2013) is chasing a fairy tale if they expect to see the share price go above 0.50.

Last week, Merrill Moses, CEO and President of Nevada Gold Corp., threw it all out their to portray the precious metal prospector as a legit and reputable exploration company that investors can bank on. First, they offered up “Diamond Jim Mine Historical Data” which can be acquired by any archive service which handles that sort of data, followed closely by their decision to “Send a Three-Man Crew to Northern Nevada’s Diamond Jim Mine” and then complimenting them by announcing that a “Qualifying Geologist Now Hired to Evaluate Diamond Jim Mine.”

While this was going on, alerts from the Castle’s crew were arriving in spam folders across he globe touting how “the share price can easily go above $2 which would be over a 1000% gain, and would turn every $5,000 you invest into $50,000!” The last deal they did, Premier Brands Inc. (BRND), which Eric Dany was all over, was supposed to be the “Next-generation product rocking the red-hot $100 billion beverage market.”

BRND‘s Zizzazz was supposed to offer newbie investors a “chance to potentially make 10 times your money before this year is over, and a mind-blowing 40 times your money in the years to come.” Without fail, BRND stock did something close: it ran from a low of roughly 0.60 on October 15, 2012 to as high as 0.845 5 trading sessions later before crashing to 0.07 right before Jolly Saint Nick was to come down the chimney.

Nevertheless, NVGC stock is a flipper’s paradise right now with volume increasing together with trade activity. Ending Friday’s session as the 19th most traded ticker on the OTC, it will wind up in the top 10 at some point this week and s likely to have a big fat red negative sign as its performance indicator when it does.

Ian Van Dahl made it big with his “Castles In The Sky” dance hit when his hit started with:

ok! party people in the house! …
do you ever question your life?
do you ever wonder why?
do you ever see in your dreams,
all the castles in the sky…

Consider this, or better yet play it, when you’re thinking NVGC stock is going to rig you that pot of gold you missed by not buying AAMRQ at 0.35, FNMA at 0.28 or FMCC at 0.29 when we told you to.

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About NVGC Stock

Nevada Gold Corp. is an exploration stage company with no revenues and a limited operating history.

Click here to view the SEC filings for NVGC.
Click here to view the website for Nevada Gold.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
11/15/13 0.3385 0.3650 0.3200 0.3350 +0.0050 +1.52% 2,348,100
11/14/13 0.2475 0.3400 0.2450 0.3300 +0.0900 +37.50% 3,323,900
11/13/13 0.3450 0.3550 0.1900 0.2400 -0.1050 -30.43% 2,133,900
11/12/13 0.3299 0.3450 0.3250 0.3450 +0.0200 +6.15% 1,465,200
11/11/13 0.3020 0.3290 0.3000 0.3250 +0.0250 +8.33% 1,291,100


Bottom Line:

While the 80’s movie Platoon had the famous phase “what can we get for $10” go viral and make them a fortune in licensing rights, Merrill Moses and Stock Castle are likely to replicate that with their $10 investment in this penny stock. Entering Monday, NVGC could still see some positive trading, but the percentage gain possibilities offer little to no wiggle room for anyone throwing less than $100,000 of dumb money at it.

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