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NVGC Stock, OTC NVGC, Nevada Gold Corp.,Massey Exploration Corp.Unless you got a ton of time on your hand to pan for gold, an easy way to make some quick cash would be to get the penny stock of Nevada Gold Corp. (NVGC) on your screen. Linked to some pretty decent promos that have run in the past 12 months, NVGC stock might have looked cheap yesterday when the first trades started to go through, but today is a load ’em up kinda day for true speculators. Without a peep of news as of yet from the Company fka Massey Exploration Corp. (MSXP), shares are circulating which can only mean one thing – Here Come The Alerts!

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Market Cap: 5.30M
Last: 0.0989 ▼ -0.2511 (-71.74%)
Volume: 1,893,351
Dollar Volume: $156,837
Open: 0.27
High: 0.27
Low: 0.0601
Trades: 148
Authorized: 125,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 53,550,000
1st Resistance Point: 0.2259
1st Support Level: 0.016

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Nevada Gold Corp. is a great name to have gotten for pumping purposes since if one was to do a search, the results are going to mainly come up with Allied Nevada Gold Corp. (NYSEMKT: ANV). When the Company announces how they plan to explore for gold, silver and other mineralization deposits on the 2,560 acres consisting of approximately 120 BLM mineral lease claims that Development Resources LLC owns, the pump will officially be on for NVGC.

When we say there is a connection to some previous promotions which have done fairly decent, the easiest detection of that was when looking over the 10-K filed for Nevada Gold Corp. Merrill Moses is the current sole director of the Company, but prior to his positioning, Michael Hawitt held the spot and is still owed $12,251 as of May 31, 2013.

In looking at prior 10-K filings, while Hawitt did have his name on the signature page, the salutation below was that of Michael Noble, the former CEO of Lucky Strike Exploration (LCKY). Now, supposedly, back in 2012, Nevada Gold got their 51% land interests from Development Resources LLC which is directly connected to who cares, NVGC isn’t going to last long enough to warrant the information.

They were supposed to get 3,000,000 shares on or before July 1, 2013 for the deal which was pretty much hammered out under another name, National Energy Development LLC, back on March 6th. What’s really worth knowing is who is manning NVGC now and how much they paid for it.

On May 23, 2013, Merrill W. Moses, the current CEO, CFO, Principal Accounting Officer, President, Secretary,Treasurer & Director, bought 13,000,000 shares of NVGC stock off of Michael Hawitt for $10. By the side of Moses is not a staff, but Charles C. Hooper, Director, who bought 6,500,000 shares of NVGC stock off Michael Hawitt for $10 as well. Whether Hooper knows he got swindled in the deal or not, Hawitt still holds 6,000,000 shares, or 11%, of the issued and outstanding common stock.

Moses, not the one who parted the Red Sea, but the one who is running Nevada Gold Corp., was an originator of Jiffy Lube and was the President and CEO of M&M Foods. Not that you need an oil change or get hungry when you’re investing into a Gold Exploration pump and dump, but just in case, Moses can sort you out.

So there you have it, a whole bunch of blah all mashed up to basically get the point across that NVGC stock is gonna be shooting out some kind of awareness in the near-term. Traders who thought yesterday’s 0.33’s were cheap have been replaced by today’s who think the 0.10’s are cheap. We’ll just have to wait it out and see.

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About NVGC Stock

Nevada Gold Corp. is an exploration stage company with no revenues and a limited operating history.

Click here to view the SEC filings for NVGC.

Trading History To Date:

Date Last Change Volume
08/28/13 0.0990 -0.2510 -71.71% 1,868,351
08/27/13 0.3500 -3.3900 -90.64% 49,600


Bottom Line:

The atmosphere around NVGC is that loading the boat now will cause one to have to hire some guys with shovels to get all the money out of it in the near-term. While NVGC stock is sure to be a promoted penny stock in September, the direct dealings with some low level percentage gain providers could be a reason to sit this one out. Canyon Gold Corp. (CGCC) also had some dealings as well with Development Resources LLC out of Utah for their mining exploration efforts, but no one has heard a peep out of them as of yet.

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