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NGHT Stock, NightCulture, Hot Penny Stocks, Good Penny StocksAlerts went out Thursday after the market closed on the penny stock of NightCulture Inc. (NGHT) but they weren’t from any stock promoters, it was them. The Company themselves sent out an alert that tickets were again on sale, ranging from $50 to $95, for the upcoming, very special Halloween Electronic Dance Music Festival, “Something Wicked,” at the Sam Houston Race Park Saturday, October 27, 2012. Although NGHT stock has had a bit of a pull back, we at AimHighPorifts have thought of a way they could change the world.

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NGHT, NightCulture, Night Culture StockNGHT Stock Chart

Market Cap: 14.31M
Close: 0.29, up 0.01 (3.57%)
Volume: 27,620
High: 0.30
Low: 0.28
Trades: 8
Average Trade Size: 3,452
% Gain Since Our Alert: 38.1%
Issued and Outstanding:

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So, first of all, if you have Harry Belafonte or Lionel Richie stuck on repeat on your iPod, don’t be a music critic when it comes to viewing NightCulture with an open mind. The Electronic Dance Music movement has been taking over the music scene for over a decade and, if you need to do your own research, take a trip to places where the college crowds go to party on a Friday night and see for yourself. DJ TIESTO, who will be a feature at the Something Wicked festival is no joke.

Now, with the recent events in the middle east and the attacks on U.S. embassies and the persons inside them who represent the U.S. and are supposed to be protected, NightCulture could change things and here’s how.

When an enemy combatant is captured, military tactics call for certain sound and light techniques which they use to break a prisoner in to talking. The lights and music are obviously not meant to pleasure the prisoner. On the opposite side of that, a music with such a rhythmic beat and orchestrated computerized light show that can get even grandma and grandpa doing the jive again is something which could be used as an asset.

Let’s say the U.S. embassies under attack, which are supposed to be even more brutal and violent on Friday, were to engage promoters like NightCulture to deploy massive concert equipment to their embassies  for the purpose of broadcasting a non-stop rave festival. When the night comes, the light show begins. There is scientific proof used in casinos of certain musical notes which bring joy and optimism to the human brain, thus stimulating joy, even in the event of anger or dismay.

It’s pathetic to see reports like those coming from the Drudge report claiming that credible information was disseminated well within a time frame worthy of averting the recent losses sustained. It’s almost like 11 years later, we haven’t forgotten, but recreated the scenario of having prior knowledge to use it for some form of political gains at the cost of the dedicated.

It sounds a bit silly since the manufacture and sale of bullets in the U.S. has grown exponentially year on year for the last decade plus and a force-on-force mentality is the norm in the 21st century, but it could be a method to peacefully put an end to the destruction and violence erupting inside and around the U.S. embassies in certain countries at this very moment. At the very least, it would buy some time for the tomahawk missiles to lock on their targets.

About NGHT Stock

NGHT Stock, NightCulture, Night Culture Stock

What if NightCulture could get the streets of Egypt, Yemen, Libya and other countries which have yet to erupt to bounce like this to the beat of music rther than replacing a flag and spray painting graffiti like some common thug on the walls of an embassy, a geographical territory of the U.S., although small, within their country?

What if the U.S. was to deploy the taggers of L.A. on to their walls which sit within the U.S. and throw the country back 300 years into acts of desecration and violence?

No one wins.

Bottom Line: NGHT is a penny stock which could soon see a rally which is worth paying attention to very closely. Music changes the world and musicians are more likely to be remembered than most other persons because of their enormous reach. NGHT stock is in a holding pattern at present and, like the tomahawks mentioned above, could be deployed for launch at any given moment.

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