Penny Stock Alert: Harmonic Energy’s (ASUV) Scientology

No one knows much about what is set to be the next 100% plus gainer on the OTC until they read this. Harmonic Energy Inc. (OTC: ASUV), a company focused on recycling scrap tires worldwide, needs to be on the list of every penny stock trader. ASUV stock price is set top open at $1.28 after gaining 10.34% on volume of 383,893 shares  traded in Tuesday’s session.

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ASUV Stock Chart

Market Cap (intraday)5: 79.83M
a/o Mar 20, 2012
Shares Outstanding: 62.37M

In March of this year, Harmonic acquired an advanced Carbonization technology license from Kouei International. This acquisition gives Harmonic the exclusive rights to North America and Europe for technologies from Kouei Industries for $525,000. The acquisition allows tires to be fully recovered into mainstream commodities that fit today’s existing supply chain while substantially reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

In April, the Company took that acquisition and signed a long term contract with a well-established tire recycling company. The tire recycling company  services the Great Lakes Regions for 200 tonnes per day, 7.5 million tires a year. The contract is for 200 tonnes per day which is roughly 22,000 tires or a total of approximately 7.5 Million tires a year. The length of the contract term is for 10 years with the option to renew for 5 year terms.

Then, just two weeks ago on June 1, 2012, Harmonic closed a private offering made under Rule 506 of Regulation D for $500,000. Each $0.75 Unit consisted of one share of ASUV stock and one warrant to purchase one share of ASUV stock at a price of $1.12 per share for a period of up to 48 months. So, stock is out there but it’s not that cheap. The Company is making the right moves and has the cash to do it which makes ASUV look like one sexy summer penny stock pick.

About ASUV Stock

Harmonic Energy Inc. is a company that focuses on a comprehensive solution to the disposition of scrap tires worldwide. Harmonic plans include the utilization of proven technologies that ensure each scrap tire is either re-manufactured and put back on the road as a new tire or is completely recycled and reduced into marketable chemical commodity products. The Kouei nternational acquisition gives Harmonic EnergyThe Tyrolysis™ technology is a comprehensive ‘closed-loop’ solution for the management of scrap tires, which allows for all scrap tires to be either re-manufactured into new tires or reduced, through a carbonization process, into marketable chemical products such as diesel fuel, carbon black and syn-gas.

To read the SEC filings for ASUV, click here.

Bottom Line: ASUV is one of those penny stocks that won’t jump up and down much due to the low number of shares outstanding, but it should see a chart pattern similar to IDNG over the course of the next month. If it starts dumping, get out and look for entry points to get back in if you’re long.

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