PWEI | The Rug Under PacWest Equities Stock Gets Yanked

PWEI stock, PWEI Scam, PacWest Equities Inc., Victory Mark Stock Picks“Harold – what the heck is going on with this PacWest Equities (PWEI) stock you told me to buy at 0.50? You said they would protect us from crash Harold!” That is likely to be the voice mail message that gets left on a number of kool aid drinkers phones today who were telling their friends about how Awesome PWEI stock is and how high it was expected to go. Well, it seems that even the lipstick applied was not enough to keep the penny stock the sounds of Wilbur parading around the pen hoping Charlotte’s web would protect him from those farmers.

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PWEI stock, PWEI Scam, PacWest Equities Inc., Victory Mark Stock PicksPWEI Stock Chart

Market Cap: 5.11M
Last: 0.17, down -0.495 (-74.44%)
Volume: 20,969,017
Dollar Volume: $8,563,563
High: 0.73
Low: 0.166
Trades: 3,010
Average Trade Size: 6,966

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In probably the best email since Awesome Penny Stocks said they would quit if their Great Wall Builders (GWBU) didn’t hit $2, the skid marks from this morning trading session caused for the VM group to make it abundantly clear that even though they too lived in a glass house, they were willing to throw stones for their loyal subscribers:

PWEI stock, PWEI Scam, PacWest Equities Inc., Victory Mark Stock PicksPWEI is still the same great company we’ve always thought it was and it’s a shame that a small group of crooks would attempt to create panic for personal reasons.

We firmly believe that $1.00 to $2.00 is attainable, and plan to fight these individuals with the help of our loyal subscribers.

The harder we take a stand against these shenanigans the better shot we have of not letting the scum behind them win!

We told you this group would attempt to create fear in the market, and after scanning twitter today we’ve noticed that’s exactly what they are attempting to do. The same exact individuals that are behind attempting to crash past micro caps stocks took to Twitter and claimed they believe that PWIE’s shares had all been issued illegally. TRANSFER AGENTS DON’T ALLOW STUFF LIKE THAT TO HAPPEN!

This activity is criminal and we plan on taking the appropriate actions in outing these individuals. We currently have investigation on individuals named “Barry”, “David” and several others that we will expose in the proper fashion.

What we’ve seen today is panic created under totally false pretenses, and we’re here to ask subscribers to stand strong. Do not give in to these crooks!

Most HUGE winners see retraction before climbing to new astronomical levels, and that’s exactly what can happen here!

We are still standing by PWEI and will continue our reporting on all that we see.

Standing by PWEI? You need to hose your shoes off with a high pressure water hose and still scrape all the dried up pieces of this #2Flusher that is stuck in the ridges of your shoes after this. It’s not even the end of the session so PWEI still has a long way down to go.

About PWEI Stock

PWEI, PWEI stock, PWEI Scam, PacWest Equities, Victory Mark Stock Picks

Bottom Line: PWEI was bound to crash after they were issued the OTCMarkets caveat emptor designation on Friday of last week. At least penny stock traders didn’t get thrown off a cliff which has happened with a number of high level promotions like AMWI, NSRS, SNPK and, most recently, PUNL and SANP. Keep PWEI on the radar since the bounce is now in play for all the kool-aid monsters who need to average down.

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