REDG | Subliminal Kryptonite Crushes Red Giant Entertainment

REDG Stock, OTC REDG, Red Giant Entertainment Inc., REDG scam,If you believe in subliminal messages, then you probably avoided today’s bloodbath on the not-so Victorious penny stock of Red Giant Entertainment, Inc. (REDG). Dealt a breakfast platter of kryptonite, REDG stock opened looking like a typical day in Gotham City before the Joker showed up on the comic book focused Company’s penny shares and decided to do a tap dance on its bid — a dance even the Hulk wouldn’t have been able to ward off. Called nothing more than a shake at pumpers anonymous (iHub), is this the same flesh wound Pac West equities (PWEI) suffered on its first week of trading?

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Market Cap: 35.66M
Last: 0.084 ( -0.10 (-54.35%)
Volume: 13,936,406
Dollar Volume: $1,543,159
Open: 0.183
High: 0.189
Low: 0.075
Trades: 1,144
Support 2: $0.0017
Support 1: $0.0425
Pivot Price: $0.1157
Resistance 1: $0.1565
Resistance 2: $0.2297

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Reported as “REDG makes more cents than all of the competition!”, Red Entertainment is making less cents in the portfolios of investor’s who have a liking to Victory Mark flavored kool aid. Reports are out that Dave Farber at Delaney Equity Group, LLC, DLNY, out of Palm Beach Florida is the individual/company that is behind all the attacks on REDG. Requests were made for informed investors to continue to report this individual and company to the SEC by Victory Mark which they think could put a stop to the manipulation once and for all.

Now that’s comical.

Just this morning, Red Giant Entertainment announced “SUPERNOVAS”, a project that had been intended to be part of their “Direct-to-Digital” platform they unveiled yesterday, as their next animated feature from their lineup of intellectual properties. Needless to say, the market reception to the news was less than favorable, despite the fact that REDG is already a revenue producing entity.

Written and created by movie screenwriter/producer Terry Keefe, SUPERNOVAS is a series that follows four ordinary teens from a small town in upstate New York. While observing a gamma ray burst, they and the town’s nearby Supermax prison are irradiated with massive energy that mutates them and grants each of them extraordinary powers.

Subliminals….RED GIANT, prison, massive energy that mutates, all of it seems to be too preditive to point to any reason why REDG stock would shake its tree so hard since it is an obvious “Victory Mark” of a penny stock. Play the bounce and watch it like a hawk.

About REDG Stock

Red Giant Entertainment Inc., a Nevada corporation, specializes in Intellectual Property (IP) development based around the more than three dozen online and print graphic novel properties in various stages of production as well as the cast of thousands of characters from those series.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
03/06/13 0.1840 +0.0100 +5.75% 14,317,400
03/05/13 0.1740 +0.0290 +20.00% 17,568,699
03/04/13 0.1450 -0.0095 -6.15% 11,882,699
03/01/13 0.1545 +0.0215 +16.17% 12,758,300
02/28/13 0.1330 +0.0330 +33.00% 78,976,703


Bottom Line: PWEI was the one and only penny stock pick from Victory Mark which ran worth any attention and also dumped hard on day 6 of its campaign before running up roughly 900% in gains. A bounce in REDG stock is the obvious play today, especially for those getting in under the 0.085 level.

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