SEFE | The Dead Cat Bounce Or The Bride Of Frankenstein?

SEFE Stock, SEFE scamLike a cockroach surviving nuclear fallout, the penny stock of SEFE Inc., SEFE for those with reading disabilities, is looking to bounce back with their Faraday cage. Since their fall from grace, $2.96 on April 25th, SEFE stock price is set to start the week at a mere 20 cents, nearly 1/15th their high. If the the construction of their 12’ x 12’ x 24’ test cage for isolated high voltage experiments is successful, perhaps the Frankenstein stock could offer a glimmer of promise. Or not.

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SEFE, SEFE Stock, SEFE ScamSEFE Stock Chart

Close: 0.20, up   0.017  (9.29%)
Volume: 343,429
High: 0.20
Trades: 66
Average Trade Size: 5,203
Authorized:  200,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 55,083,575

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This new cage SEFE is building is constructed as a wood frame wrapped with metal hardware cloth adequate for shielding external electric fields from DC to 10 GHz. Basically the equivalent of a 5th grade science project, just a bit larger size. The geniuses that they are decided to inform everyone in their press release that the cage is grounded to prevent charge build-up and to protect against high voltage arcs. As if they were going to build it in a puddle of water?

The team has received and is currently installing a high voltage power supply (up to 150kV), transformer, and various supporting test equipment on loan from the LECGlobal R&D laboratory. So that could mean that they stole the materials and the owners don’t know about it yet, or that by throwing those big names out there the fluff will have more puff to the smoke.

To date, SEFE has generated $0 revenues.

About SEFE Stock

SEFE Inc. was founded to develop and bring to market a renewable source of energy that naturally occurs in the atmosphere.  The system is supposedly designed to capture static electric energy and convert it to usable electricity with the proprietary methodology developed by our company.  SEFE’s energy production methodologies and technologies are un-intrusive to existing communities, easily adoptable, aim to have high output and leave a low carbon footprint.  This is a renewable source, but also one that is non-polluting and economical.

Bottom Line: SEFE is one penny stock to avoid unless you know how to bounce a dead cat 6 feet off the ground. Someone sat there watching the Bride of Frankenstein and fell in love with Elsa Lanchaster thinking it could actually work. Thus, now we are stuck with SEFE.

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