Such A SHORT Run On Great Wall Builders GWBU Stock?

As the share price of Great Wall Builders Inc. (OTC: GWBU) stock continues to rise, so does the volume traded and also the short interest in the penny stock. As of the end of the last trading session, GWBU stock closed at $1.54, up 41.28%, on dollar volume of $51.21 million (35.96 million shares) after nearly 10,000 trades were executed in the OTC penny market on it. Well, if you remember the stories you read as a kid about Humpty Dumpty and what happened to him, you can put the same theory to this Wall and the penny stock trading effect which is already progressing.

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GWBU Stock Chart (May 2 – 15):

Market Cap: 554.04M
Close: 1.54 +0.45 (41.28%)
Day Range: 1.58 – 1.22

Volume: 35,955,492
Average Vol (3m): 2,028,222

Shares Outstanding 360.00M
Short Interest: 10.32M

Today, the Company issues news that tests conducted by THESI s.r.l. di Imola of Italy, measured significant improvements in mileage and reduction in exhaust emissions through use of the Start Fuel Efficiency and Emission Device (FEED). So What. A year ago the Start FEED was “certified” for installation on Mercedes- Benz EvoBuses and by Iveco on their full line of diesel engines.


Today: “For a diesel engine, carbon forms at least half the particulate content, the remainder being made up of hydrocarbons – for example, un-burnt fuel droplets and lubricating oil, sulphates, and water.” Stated Mr. Daniele Brazzi; “These important test results will become a vital component of our sales pitch as we move forward in commercializing our unique FEED systems.”

June 2011: In the petroleum industry, refineries have long used hydrocarbon-cracking methods to break crude oil into more volatile hydrocarbon fractions, including gasoline, diesel, propane, butane and methane. Rather than electric current, however, refineries use heat at high temperature, pressure and chemical catalysts to stimulate the hydrocarbon cracking process. “We’re delighted to unveil our next-generation fuel-reconditioning device, which has already received technical certification for sale in Europe,” said dPollution President and Chief Executive Officer Rocco Di Fruscia. “Start represents a new technological approach to reducing emissions and optimizing fuel economy in closed combustion engines, and we believe this product launch significantly strengthens our position in the clean-tech sector.dPollution has commenced field installations with government and transportation fleet managers in numerous markets. (see here)

As of the close of trading, GWBU had 10,316,078 shares short interest, about 29% of yesterday’s volume. This trend has been progressing since May 2 which was the first time anyone spotted the famous “Banner” on the APS website. Going back to the GWBU acquisition of iPollution assets; it was only for 27,306,793 shares of restricted common stock.

They had to do this deal because as of March 28, 2012, Great Wall Builders was considered a shell company prior to the acquisition, as that term is defined in Rule 12b-2 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (the “Exchange Act.”).

Kinda makes you wonder why the “cut and paste” promo looks so sloppy with SNPK still referred to in many penny stock alerts.

Bottom Line: The forward split was done before the acquisition so maybe the stock can stay on the wall without falling off for awhile. However, the penny stock of Great Wall Builders Inc., GWBU, is going to crash and most likely sooner rather than later. GWBU stock does not have the components that other good runs have had such as AMWI, NSRS and SNPK.

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