Penny Stock Trading | LVVV And PFNI Survive SVEN And PBCW

PumpThe two remaining “big money” promos out there now that the pump and dump of Superior Ventures (SVEN) and Pub Crawl Holdings (PBCW) have crashed like meteors are still plugging away at gains. Shares of Livewire Ergogenics Inc. (LVVV) are still pumped off their energy chews having gained Continue Reading →


SEFE | You Know Its A Bad Session When SEFE Is Green

SEFE Stock, SEFE scam, SEFE shares, SEFE stock price, SEFE buyIts pretty pathetic when you think about it that, as of 1:30PM, the only friggin OTC listed stock in the top 50 traded that has double digit gains is Sefe Inc. (SEFE). You got slobbering message board whores crushing the “Buy your SVEN stock now before it goes to 0.40 – 0.60 next ...

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