Top 10 Penny Stocks To Watch Monday, February 13

North Springs Resources Corp. (OTC: NSRS) was undoubtedly the hottest penny stock traded for the week ended February 10. When the mining exploration company closed on a high Monday at $1.48 only to open higher Tuesday at $1.72 on news of sample surveys from its Imperial and Goldstar properties.  Tuesday’s close at $1.64 had investors excited on the possibilities of the stock reaching $2.00 by week’s end.

The short lived gains of the week in NSRS were decimated Wednesday when the stock plunged to $0.761 before within the first 45 minutes of trading to end the day at $0.97. The same pattern continued Thursday and Friday with weaker opens until a surge of trading on mid-day Friday sent the highly volatile stock trading higher from its $0.362 low of the day to close up 32.67%.

NSRS lost -47.62% for the week, -61.05% from its Tuesday High.

NSRS is still up 857% since our initial alert to subscribers at $0.07 December 23, 2011.


Here is a list of the OTC stocks which traded most on Friday, February 10 and should be add to watch lists and monitored closely on Monday, February 13.

10 Most Actively Traded OTCQB Stocks

Symbol Price % Chg $ Volume Share Vol Trades
NSRS 0.67 +32.67 24,760,448 48,566,126 7,846
ATRN 0.1633 +6.87 3,005,927 18,001,815 1,378
AAMRQ 0.60 -4.00 3,043,222 5,018,736 1,003
MSTG 1.14 -10.24 2,042,249 1,902,924 917
FNMA 0.30 -4.31 2,574,710 8,518,611 838
EKDKQ 0.404 -0.30 2,727,360 6,863,020 787
AIBYY 1.52 -16.48 1,666,412 1,078,868 590
GNTA 0.0029 +31.82 535,677 194,311,998 573
STEV 1.37 -0.72 1,065,419 807,940 557
ACTC 0.109 +1.87 994,338 9,112,572 468


Atrinsic, Inc. (PINK: ATRN), a direct to consumer Internet marketing company, gained steadily this week, up 96.75% since Monday.  Atrinsic’s completion of sale to Mkono Media Corp. and change of CEO led the news to rally this stock back towards its $7.68 52-week high.

AMR Corp. (PINK: AAMRQ), parent company of American Airlines, made headlines all week with talks of massive job cuts and possibilities of a merger with other major airline carriers.  Shares in AAMRQ were down -7.83% for the week after a spike on Tuesday to 0.6946. AAMRQ is up 106.9% for the year.

Mustang Alliances, Inc. (OTC: MSTG), a mineral exploration company focused on gold, dropped -1.79% for the week after also spiking upwards to open Tuesday to $1.48.  MSTG, which was profiled here last week, is nothing more than a short-term play to consider.

Fannie Mae (OTC: FNMA), the National Mortgage which basically crippled the U.S. and has been a hot topic when digging into the investment portfolios of GOP Candidates was up 23.97% for the week. FNMA announced last week an expansion of its Online Offers system which collects and manages purchase offers for Fannie Mae-owned properties. FNMA, however, will not receive any of the $26 Billion agreed upon this week by the government and 5 of the biggest U.S. banks to limit the already 4 million Americans whose homes have been foreclosed on.

Eastman Kodak Co. (PINK: EKDKQ), which filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, announced that its days in the camera business are over as it will cease manufacturing digital cameras and photo frames. As shares in EKDKQ lost -22.01% for the week, it proves the expression to be true: “Take a Picture, It Will Last Longer.” This action taken by Kodak marks the end of an era for the struggling icon.

Allied Irish Banks PLC (PINK: AIBYY), the struggling international provider of retail and corporate banking, investment banking, and asset management services in the Republic of Ireland, gained 32.17% on the week despite a drop in share price from this week’s high of $1.87 on Thursday afternoon. AIBYY is nearly halfway to its 52-week high of $4.95.

Genta, Inc. (OTC: GNTA), a biopharm company in pursuit of cancer treatment and other related diseases,  surged in volume on Friday to nearly 33x its 3 month average volume after having reported that number of outstanding shares of GNTA common stock, par value $0.001,  is 1,935,455,665. GNTA shares closed 42.86% fr the week, all of which was gained on Friday. GNTA announced in January that a new clinical trial in patients with gastric cancer confirms the activity of tesetaxel.

Stevia Corp. (OTC: STEV), the farm management company which develops Stevia, a zero calorie sweetener used in approximately 6,000 products, including beverages, foods, and medicines, dropped -21.71% for the week. After having broken ground on new facilities in Vietnam last month, STEV has been trading very little volume recently compared to its 3 month average volume traded.

Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. (OTC: ACTC), a biotech company focused on stem cell research, was mentioned Thursday of a possible “Short Squeeze” with the trigger price expected above the $0.139 level. As shares in ACTC were down nearly -10% for the week, the stock is up 22.22% on the year and halfway to its 52-week high in one of the leading daily volume traded stocks on the OTC.

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