Top Penny Stocks Traded: SWTR, GWBU, TLON, VIBE

Everyone knows buying the next Monster Beverage, Facebook, or Duke Energy is the quickest and easiest way to become filthy rich. The trick is finding these companies when they’re penny stocks before they become the next blue chip. Tuesday was a short trading session and the top penny stocks traded have more spam than prospective blue chips in them. Other than Talon Therapeutics (TLON) and OncoSec Medical (ONCS), Tuesday’s top penny stocks are full of pump and dumps.

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded

Symbol Price Pct Chg $ Volume Volume Trades
SWTR 0.20 -43.66% 5,474,336 16,167,758 1,113
GWBU 0.24 +31.02% 1,122,281 4,923,295 784
TLON 1.35 +6.30% 2,720,887 1,995,510 650
VIBE 0.01 -52.20% 399,153 30,079,186 548
EKDKQ 0.2477 +4.26% 1,157,622 4,468,174 469
LBSR 0.037 -4.64% 353,014 8,250,607 365
EWRL 0.66 +26.92% 681,313 1,087,237 318
ONCS 0.235 +7.27% 720,537 3,074,859 310
RXII 0.199 +32.67% 273,908 1,438,194 289
IDNGD 0.107 -18.32% 215,458 2,090,501 261

Sweetwater Resources (SWTR) faked out a large number of traders who thought it was the next Great Wall Builders (GWBU). Vidable (VIBE) was spammed worldwide over the weekend and gave investors a chance to swing trade some profits in the middle before the dump today.

Bottom Line: Finding the right penny stocks to trade is like finding the right car to rent, you like the color, style and handling but it’s just a rental. The real diamonds in the rough won’t normally appear in the top traded list, but that’s where the money will show up and its all about making money.

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