XUII | Down, But Not Out, Xumanii Could Stage A Comeback

XUII Stock, OTC XUII, PINK XUII, XUII scam, XUII stock, Xumanii Inc., Xumanii Stock,Having pulled out virtually every catch phrase imaginable to get nebiw investors interested in their penny stock pick, Awesome Penny Stocks’ efforts with Xumanii (XUII) are continuing to fall short. Nearly one year after the buzz lingered from their best pump ever, Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK), XUII stock failed to begin June on the right foot, dropping to levels not really since since they took on the assignment back on May 13. With false rumors flying around that they are involved with Dephasium’s DPHS, could there still be enough time to catch a break, or is it just the end of the “over $1” era for the group?

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Market Cap: 100.68M
Last: 0.295 ▼ -0.0420 (-12.46%)
Volume: 16,287,859
Dollar Volume: $5,050,771
Open: 0.337
High: 0.337
Low: 0.281
Trades: 1,574
14-Day Rel Strength: 55.28%
14-Day Stochastic: 31.18%
1st Resistance Point: 0.3277
1st Support Level: 0.2717
2nd Support Level: 0.2483

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The latest news to come from Xumanii was the appointment of Jean-Francois Jauvin, the current CTO, as director of the company. Jauvin’s no Bill Gates which makes the PR total fluff and just something to throw out there to attempt to bury the legal actions that have highlighted the promo since APS joined forces with their sisters over at Victory Mark.

Although XUII stock has performed like the HEAT during the first 6 games of the Eastern Conference Championship, its still early to call it quits on this pump. APS is pushing hard with their www.pennystocks.com site to gain newbies’ attention and attract them to putting some XUII stock into their bags for the long haul.

It’s week 3 for APS’ involvement and they have successfully avoided any complete abandonment from the trading community after having their overseas registered entities involved in a “spamming” litigation. Since they tend to push on for 30+ trading sessions before pulling the plug, right around the latter part of June should be the end of XUII leaving plenty of time for the current PPS to see a decent enough gain to call the high-risk investment worth considering.

About XUII Stock

Xumanii, Inc. is a development stage company planning to broadcast live events in HD from multiple cameras, wirelessly, with an extremely low production cost as a Pay-Per-View model, generating revenues from consumers directly or as a “FREE” content model, generating revenues from advertisement, product placements and sponsorship.

Click here to view the SEC filings for XUII.
Click here to view the website for Xumanii.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
06/03/13 0.2950 -0.0420 -12.46% 16,287,801
05/31/13 0.3370 +0.0176 +5.51% 9,048,800
05/30/13 0.3194 +0.0394 +14.07% 12,908,400
05/29/13 0.2800 -0.0750 -21.13% 29,708,801
05/28/13 0.3550 -0.0240 -6.33% 26,212,699


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Bottom Line:

As usual when the summer comes along, some are trying to make people think that APS is involved with supposed hard mailers on the newest hot penny stock, Dephasium Corp. (DPHS). Nothing could be further from the truth as XUII is their focus before wrapping things up for the summer and letting the beach become the new hot spot before coming out with another alert. Can XUII stock break past $1? Of their last 2 pumps, Swingplane Ventures (SWVI) and Goff Corp. (GOFF), SWVI was able to touch it for a few seconds while GOFF fizzled after touching 0.65. The jury is still out on whether or not Xumanii is going to be a total loser or trade like a champion over the next couple of weeks.

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