DPHS | Dephasium Wants To Phase Out Radioactive Waves

DPHS Stock, OTC DPHS, DPHS Stock Quote, DPHS scam, Dephasium Corp.Major buzz is starting to filter through the penny stock community about the dangers involved with the electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones. Mid-session Friday, traders pounced on grabbing a piece of Dephasium Corp. (OTC: DPHS) after the Company announced the hiring DesignIRFirm, a California-based investor relations firm. While DPHS stock seems a bit too high to be the choice from TBX come next week, it’s hard to imagine any other reason why the volume noticeably picked up more steam than a 2006 boiler room calling pensioners in the U.K..

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Market Cap: 50.58M
Last: 0.485 ▲ 0.045 (+10.23%)
Volume: 1,267,700
Dollar Volume: $592,871
Open: 0.44
High: 0.49
Low: 0.44
Trades: 196
Authorized: 500,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 115,164,138
1st Resistance Point: 0.5033
1st Support Level: 0.4533

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U.S. traders finally get the chance to hear all about Dephasium Corp. and their attempt to block the radiation emitted smartphones with their casing design after acquiring certain patents and trademarks from their U.K. counterpart. British and European investors remember Dephasium pretty well from when they were being pitched over the phone to buy shares in the pre-IPO, U.K. AIM listing back in 2006.

While the website for Dephasium is still the same one used when shares were being pitched for the AIM listing, the hiring of DesignIRFirm looks like the Company is hoping to get the same thing done with their recent U.S. OTC reverse-merger into the shell of PayMobile, Inc. (PYMB). Rather than directing readers of the PR issued Friday to visit the Company’s website, readers were directed: “To learn more about Dephasium please call our Investor Relations representative Amy Munro at (800) 543-8706.”

Dephasium’s phone casing is supposed to block the harmful radioactive waves that are emitted from cell phones and the timing of a hard pump couldn’t be better. Ancilia’s initial offering is dedicated to iPhone model. and with June here which will surely see a drop-off in trading volume, Samsung beating Apple to the market by releasing the new Galaxy 4 before the iPhone 6 all line’s up for s proper pump. News and ways to chop up stats for potential sales could mean great things for DPHS stock.

With 70 million shares of DPHS to be issued to Depahsium Ltd. and 200,000 restricted shares having already been issued to an unaffiliated accredited investor who paid $50,000, 0.25 per share, its game time for DPHS. Remember DoMark Intl. (DOMK) and how they timed the launch of the iPad release with their SolaPad and how that stock did last year? Similar expectations are going to be surrounding DPHS.

About DPHS Stock

Dephasium Corp., after acquiring the ANCILIA patent and trademark from Dephasium, Ltd., a limited partnership organized under the laws of the United Kingdom, is focused on creating an innovative, evolving, fashionable and marketable solution for protecting people’s health from smartphone radiations.

Click here to view the SEC filings for DPHS.
Click here to view the website for Dephasium.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
05/31/13 0.4850 +0.0450 +10.23% 1,267,700
05/30/13 0.4400 +0.0100 +2.33% 64,100
05/29/13 0.4300 +0.0100 +2.38% 10,000
05/28/13 0.4200 -0.0050 -1.18% 16,700
05/24/13 0.4250 -0.0050 -1.16% 38,900


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Bottom Line:

The late volume surge on Friday has many adding DPHS to the top of their list of penny stocks to watch at the open on Monday. Since Dephasium is seeking additional investors in order to introduce Ancilia products to the market through a first run of manufacturing and marketing campaign, DPHS stock is going to have to be sold since the boiler room money has already been drank.

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