ADMC | Americas Diamond Corp. Stock Polished For Pumping

Americas Diamond Corp., ADMC stock, ADMC scam, Andrew T.E. ColdicuttIf you were one of the traders who lost money during the last 7 sessions trading off any of the 140 plus penny stock alerts issued on W Technologies Inc. (WTCG), fear not since it was all for a good cause. It tends to happen that prior to a big money promotion, shelved shells get sold like pigs at an auction to raise money for a bigger cause, WTCG stock for example. Connecting the attorney who was so creatively involved with helping to get PacWest Equities (PWEI) ready for the only run Victory Mark can hang their hat on, traders will want to play close attention to another Coldicutt connection, Americas Diamond Corp. (ADMC), which is gonna revolutionize the diamond mining industry in Venezuela any day now.

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ADMC Stock Structure

Market Cap: 18.00M
Last: 0.60
Last Volume: 5,000 (December 4, 2012)
Authorized: 375,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 30,000,000

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First, lets look at how it all started before we get into the good stuff.

In January 2010 Jenny Brown, a would be 26 years old now Brit who failed to get here Biomedical Science Degree after just 2 years of study completed at the University of Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK. In January 2009, she decided to give it another go and pursued her Bachelor of Arts, Degree in Business and Management Association for Residential Letting Agents Qualifications at the University of Essex, Essex, UK. A) At just 24 years old, she decided to start up Imperial Explorations Inc. (IXPL) when she purchased 3,000,000 shares of common stock at 0.005 per share. B) The single UK second time student was willing to devote approximately 2-4 hours per week to manage the affairs of this start up mineral exploration company for no remuneration (work for free) until such time as the company receives sufficient revenues necessary to provide management salaries. Translation: Jenny Brown is about as easy to locate on Google as Waldo is to find in one of those books after you finish drinking a couple of pints of Guinness which makes her the perfect shell set up.

It gets interesting (see S-1 here) only when you see that Andrew T.E. Coldicutt, Attorney at Law, acted as special counsel to Impact Explorations Inc. for the limited purpose of rendering an opinion in connection with the registration and proposed sale of the 3,000,000 shares of common stock at 0.015 per share. You have to love that phrase “limited purpose.”

Now, if you don’t know that name, you shouldn’t be trading penny stocks. Coldicutt was once a member of the infamous Carrilo Huettel LLP firm as evidenced in the attorney letter issued on Southridge Enterprises Inc (SRGE) in August, 2011 (see here). Beyond the connection to W Technologies Inc. (see here), he is also connected to the smash and grab alert Awesome Penny Stocks issued on Vision Plasma Systems Inc. (VLNX) (see here) as well as PacWest Equities (PWEI) (see here), Bluewave Group Inc. (BLEW) (see here) and Mining Minerals of Mexico Corp. (WIIM), fka Cal Alta Auto Glass, Inc., (see here).

So, now that Impact Explorations has been renamed to Americas Diamond Corp., the ticker changed from IXPL to ADMC, a 5-for-1 forward stock split, and the launch of a website, It would appear to be that all we need now is a few alerts to go out and a PR to be issued. They have the juice to pump since they are claiming to, through their wholly-owned Venezuelan subsidiary – Compania Minera Adamantine C.A. – hold two diamond concessions located within the Guaniamo Diamond Province in southwestern Venezuela where the total investment to date in the concessions is circa $14 million. Strap up the boots and get ready for the fluff.

About ADMC Stock

Americas Diamond Corp. is an independent U.S. mineral exploration and development company with its virtual office (see here) in London, England. The Company’s mineral portfolio is claimed to be comprised of the Natal Diamond Project in Venezuela. Click here to view the SEC filings for ADMC.

Bottom Line: Think long when the penny stock alerts eventually get issued on ADMC stock and you will be thinking wrong. While there are connections to smash and grabs like VLNX, PWEI and SRGE were some decent long term pumps. Two things that make ADMC a clear and present danger to add to the penny stocks to watch list are that a) the Company is based outside the U.S. and b) they claim to do business outside the U.S. Translation: Catch me if you can.

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